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Accelerate Your Product Development.

Give Your R&D Team More Bandwidth.

Embed Top Talent Into Your R&D Projects.

Let us help you turn your R&D into a lean, mean machine.

Innovation through product development is essential to keep your brand at the leading edge. Maintain your brand status.

We offer a full license to our virtual innovation lab staffed with project managers, developers, product owners, market researchers, and chemists whose sole purpose is to make your dream come true. Our team will do everything possible to turn your wishes into reality in next to no time.

Unlock the power of our Innovation-as-a-Service by hitting the button below and meeting with one of our project managers or industrial design consultants who will show you how we can help to get your product launched faster – all while reducing risk.

Innovation-as-a-Service supports your product development projects by embedding additional capacity and capability into your R&D team.

Change your workflow! Unleash the power of speed!

Industrial Design

Innovolo’s product development process is designed to turn human needs into solution opportunities.

To take the complex issues of people and their environments, break them down into a problem statement, explore and quantify potential solutions, and finally hone in on a new product prototype to test.

Our Industrial Designers think beyond the form to envision your success. They contribute to every facet of the innovation process, from idea generation and experience design to product development and brand management. It’s all about creating value and building brands that win.

Your ideas. Our expertise. The result? A better world. With our industrial design service, you harness the power of human creativity to develop products that will change people's lives for the better. And of course gaining market share from your competitor.

When product innovation is your business, you need to boost the chances of successful product development – and do it faster.

Innovation-as-a-Service is a novel solution that solves these problems.

We know how hard your research and development teams work, so we’re here to help them. Let us take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your real job – innovating!

Engineering design is a crucial part of the new product development process, and done right, will reduce your time-to-market massively.

Mechanical Design

Designing and building a new product is a long, involved process.

It’s difficult to get started and there’s so much to do. 

And then you have to profitably manufacture and distribute your new product. 

We provide mechanical design services on an as-needed basis for your new product development projects. Your R&D team can use our services as your additional in-house Mechanical Designer or just when you need it most – which is usually when you’re hitting the obstacles that lead to big payoffs and sometimes even huge losses.

Expedite your development and improve your product reliability by using our expertise in the areas of conceptualisation, design phase engineering, prototyping, tooling, and production.

Electrical Design

Burning through cash? In need of innovation but unable to afford a dedicated R&D department?

Innovation-as-a-Service enables you to use our internal resources whether you are a contract manufacturer, design house, or part of an OEM.

Our team of electrical engineers, embedded software developers, and software architects are constantly researching the latest technology to push the boundaries of electronic product development. We offer a range of innovative electronic services that span from turning your idea into a design, to prototyping, manufacturing, and testing your products.

Whether you're a start-up or an established manufacturer, we can help you design prototype for your embedded system. Our robust engineering and manufacturing experience has helped our valued clients succeed with new ideas!

Chemical Engineering

Your business is growing, but you have to scale up; which means increased demand for your products and services to fit on your existing timeline.

Making something new out of what you already have is the best and cheapest way to scale up fast.

Chemicals are part of everyday life; you use them often, just not in the form you need when you need them.  Finding chemical engineering services for new product development can be a challenge.

Your new product development can be outlined within our Innovation-as-a-Service framework including R&D, biotechnology, raw materials synthesis, and engineering for mass production.

We’ve a team of chemists and chemical engineers who design, manufacture, and supply innovative specialty products for specific applications. We’re in the business of bringing ideas to life for our customers. That’s what drives us.

New Product Development Strategy

The main pain of product development is that there is no clear-cut strategy for developing new products and how to manage the innovation process.

The second pain of product development is that big corporations and startups alike struggle with their new product development due mainly to a lack of verified best practices.

Our Innovation-as-a-Service toolkit has been carefully developed over several years with the help of academic experts, business consultants, successful entrepreneurs, investors, and experienced managers.

We empower organisations to start their product development journey at speed and at scale.

Innovation-as-a-Service leverages technology, innovation resources, and services to dramatically accelerate and improve product design and development cycles.

New Product Project Management

There are many new products and services in your market that are eating into your market share.

There is a huge demand for new product development services that can help you bring innovation to the marketplace, but where do you find it?

With our Corporate Services plan, our team of product development experts will orchestrate an innovative development project to create, develop and launch your product or service. We will manage all aspects of your new product development from concept to launch. With our experience and expertise, we will seamlessly manage each step of the process, from idea generation through to market entry.

Allowing your entire team to collaborate in a single system to create, integrate, and communicate your company's innovation strategy from idea through to launch.  Keeping you aligned across business units while collaborating in real-time with partners, suppliers, and other internal departments. As a result, innovation projects are more likely to succeed, bringing new products and services to market faster.

No single company can predict and articulate every need that customers and markets will require over time.

If you don’t know what your options are, how can you be a leader?

Do not tie up valuable resources in building products that might be out-moded by competitors.

Innovolo is a subscription-based service, so when you have new product ideas, you don’t need to stop what you are doing. Instead, send your idea to Innovolo, an expert industrial design company. We will bring together our global network of experts and designers to create your product concept with speed and precision. Rather than waiting years for the release, products conceived through our innovation as a service are available in a fraction of the time.