Integrated Magnetic Window Blind

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It is a pleated blind, integrated into a double glazed sealed unit. The blind is protected from damage and is virtually maintenance free, making it ideal for student accommodation, hospitals, hotels, care homes and schools. It is available in a wide range of sizes and a choice of fabrics.


  • Discreet and stylish – does not intrude into the room
  • Operation can be in any pane – vertical or horizontal
  • Operation can be in any direction
  • Top-down or bottom-up
  • Left to right or right to left
  • No mechanical contact with glass
  • Designed for one handed operation
  • Magnetic operation decouples – protecting the blind mechanism from accidental damage
  • Blackout, dim-out and screen fabrics are a available
  • Twin fabrics can be installed in the same window
  • Position the blind anywhere – eliminate glare without cutting out light
  • Sealed away for life – no blind cleaning or maintenance
  • No cords – truly child friendly
  • Simple and robust for reliable operation and a long life
  • Installed with the windows
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • On decommissioning, components are easily separated and fully re-usable or recyclable


  • Intrashade interstitial blind mechanism and fabric
  • Fabric support rails: White powder coated aluminium 16mm x 16mm in section
  • Rail end gliders: Injection moulded white U/V stabilised acetyl with brass bush bearings, lock in feature and fabric retaining device
  • Guide rails: Combined warm edge spacer and track manufactured from glass reinforced PP
  • Magnets: 16mm diameter Neodymium-Iron-Boron with silver finish
  • Fabric: 16mm cellular structure fabric selected from the range
  • Width: Minimum 130mm. Maximum 1200mm
  • Drop: Minimum 130mm. Maximum 2000mm
  • Stack height when raised: 3% of blind drop + 55mm
  • Warranty: Components 10 years fit for purpose


  • Fits 20mm double glazed unit
  • Internal 20mm combined warm-edge spacer and track
  • 16mm fabric head-rail to allow 2mm gap to glass
  • Fabric header rail ends designed with brass roller bearing for smooth operation
  • Parallel motion exterior grab rails
  • Magnetic coupling between grab rail and fabric header rail
  • Wide choice of fabrics: blackout, dim-out and screen fabrics – in an extensive range of colours


The patent owner is looking for outright sale and has sold £100,000 of these blinds in the first project, so it is proven and unique.

There is a good website and trademarks and is patent granted in UK and Europe.

This has been valued and price is USD$350,000 to USD$400,000 for the whole concept but the inventor is open to realistic offers to speed sale

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Innovolo Ltd B102 Beacon Place, Station Approach, Victoria Road, Saint AustellUnited Kingdom,PL26 8LG +44 333 0111 771

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