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An Innovation Manager Is A Patent Manager, Too!

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series The Twelve Hats of an Innovation Manager

Innovolo has put together a blog series, exclusively for our readers, called The Twelve Hats Of An Innovation Manager. In it, we cover off all the different skills and competencies that an innovation manager must possess. Here, we look at how innovation managers are also patent managers.

The innovation manager, at times, must take on a role that many people shy away from: the patent manager. Sometimes it is important to dig into the technical documentation of product development so that the company’s intellectual property and precious resources are safeguarded for the future. Lending his or her expertise about patents, the innovation manager verifies the status of designs and checks if they infringe on any existing patents. He or she also determines, for all new products or processes of the company, whether the offerings are possible to patent.

Often called patentability, the determination of the patent-filing potential of a new product or process is based on several characteristics:

  • The existing patents that are published;
  • After consulting with legal teams;
  • The commercial viability;
  • The problem-solving potential; and
  • The uniqueness of the concept.

In all cases, the innovation manager must use their product development experience and their keen eye for technical details to determine patentability.

Finally, the innovation manager also plays a role in defending the company’s interests in the event of infringement events on the company’s IPs by other suppliers.

Add rigor to your patent capabilities

An innovation manager, whether independently or in a coordinating role, plays a big part in the patent abilities of your company.

As a dedicated innovation service provider, Innovolo has the expertise and the organisational bandwidth to assist you in all aspects of innovation. Let Innovolo be your dedicated innovation manager and we will help you in numerous ways for your patent solutions:

  • Working with legal departments throughout the process;
  • Feasibility and assessments of patentability;
  • Design services;
  • An understanding of domestic and international patent systems;
  • Coordination with patent-filing authorities; and,
  • Access to funding opportunities and tax reliefs available to patent holders.

If you want to know about the many other functions that an innovation manager performs for an organisation, check out our innovation manager series at our blog.

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