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An Innovation Manager Is An Idea Finder

This entry is part 1 of 12 in the series The Twelve Hats of an Innovation Manager

To start off our series of The Twelve Hats Of An Innovation Manager, we want to show you how an innovation manager is an idea finder.

Let us start by asking a question: if you were to look for a new idea, where would you search? This is the kind of question that an innovation manager answers every day.

Like an adventurer setting sail on a journey of exploration, the innovation manager charts the pathways to innovation, uses tools like compasses to stay on course, and uses interpersonal abilities to ask for directions when required. Next, we will explore these concepts further.

Develop new ideas:

An innovation manager is, at their core, a creative mind. They come up with new ideas from scratch. To accomplish this, they study the organisation and the industry to come up with better ways of doing things.

Innovative problem-solving skills do not come naturally to all employees. In fact, LinkedIn lists creativity as the most in-demand skill that employers look for in new employees. It is vital for an organisation to be able to scan many resources and then come up with unique and useful solutions.

A dedicated innovation manager must be able to generate new ideas all on their own.

Seeks new ideas

When coming up with an original thought is not possible, a good innovation manager seeks out new ideas from other resources. They must screen several different kinds of resources and synthesise the most useful information. In their search, innovation managers use:

  • Primary research: they conduct their own surveys with stakeholders or talk with product owners, sales teams, and customer service departments to discover the main problems that need to be solved.
  • Secondary research: they review scientific reports and studies done by other reputable sources to find solutions to their own problems.

Networking for new ideas

Sometimes it is not possible to come up with an idea from research or original thinking alone. An innovation expert therefore normally has their ear to the ground to network with thought leaders and technical experts in relevant industries.

If there is a new idea or trend circulating out there in adjacent circles, the innovation manager makes it their business to find out about it and determine if the company can use it for themselves.

Conducts brainstorming workshops

As a coordinator of thought processes, the innovation manager also uses organised events to develop a dialogue about innovation. They facilitate brainstorming workshops or ideation sessions to leverage the unique abilities and insights of many of the organisation’s contributors.

Putting it all together

To compile all these sources in a meaningful way, the innovation manager also uses strong organisation skills and innovation tools to process each of these precise activities.

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…Ready to hear more about the different roles that an innovation manager fulfills for an organisation? Head over to our blog to discover the rest of the multi-part series about The Twelve Hats Of An Innovation Manager!

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