Bespoke Water Purifier Systems – Government [Case Study]

[Case Study] Bespoke Water Purifier Systems – Government

Design, development, manufacture and export of bespoke water purifier systems for demanding applications in hot and cold climates, potable, brackish, and seawater to drinking water.

The primary function of these water purifier systems was to eliminate pathogens using reverse osmosis technologies and often also of suspended solids and some unpalatable or toxic compounds, providing an autonomous supply of drinking water to communities without suitable access to clean water supplies.

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A recent World Health Organization report estimates that one child under the age of 15 dies every five seconds from a water-related disease, and that over five million people die annually due to unsafe drinking water.

The situation in the developing economies is worse due to scarcity of fresh water, rise in pollution, and rapid surge in population. Thus, growth in incidence of waterborne disease significantly fuels the demand for water purifier market trends, globally. Diminishing quality of water is a serious health hazard. It poses huge risks to health causing various water-borne diseases. The declining water quality is a result of dumping untreated sewage, chemicals, pesticides, nutrients, and garbage from industries, agriculture, and municipal corporations into water-bodies. Most of the water supplied by municipal authorities in urban areas is unsafe to drink and requires further decontamination from heavy metals, virus, cysts, bacteria and other toxins. Industrialisation is expected to rise leading to increased water pollution in the coming years, thus creating an increase in demand for water purifiers

The renowned water purifier market players have focused on launching well-equipped products with advanced water purification technologies. These players have heavily invested in research & development activities to introduce water purifiers equipped with reverse osmosis, ozone, ultra-violet, ultra-filtration, activated carbon, and candle filtration technologies. Moreover, purifiers installed with WiFi technology and filter pitchers have been launched in the market. The market players are expected to launch more innovative products & solutions to cater to the rise in demand for potable water.

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