Cornwall Is A Hotbed For Marine And Subsea Tech And Is Leading The World In It

Cornwall is a hotbed of industry and marine tech is one of the areas where the region is a world leader – creating innovative and exciting products.


This article originally appeared on CornwallLive


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It is good to know that Cornwall has all these technologies and innovation when it comes to marine industry. Glad also that there are a lot of marine tech business around Cornwall.

It’s awesome to see Cornwall blazing the trail in marine innovation. We should all be proud.

I expect to see even more new product development when it comes to the Marine sector in Cornwall. Way to go Cornwall!

When it comes to developing a solution for any marine challenge, Cornwall leads the way. That’s something worth being proud of!!!

Innovation really is the key to success. Companies at the forefront of everything utilize this to their utmost potential.

I was never aware that Cornwall could create ideas of this magnitude. I guess Cornwall is a sleeping giant.

All these new product ideas emanating from Cornwall! Color me impressed.

The commercialisation of these ideas is the best part in this and means a better economy for Cornwall.

Who would have thought innovation in Cornwall would achieve so much!

Cornwall is in the UK and therefore these innovations in turn impact positively on the recent push on innovation in the UK. I really enjoyed the article and I hope you post more of the same.

I guess innovation in Cornwall in pretty big right now thanks to this. I hope that this technology will help shape the world. Take care of our oceans and it will take care of us back. Pretty good stuff to be honest.

Harnessing the power of the sea is one natural gift that humanity possess. A good business can be started by exploring it.

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