The Cream of Cornish Entrepreneurs Innovating For The UK

BODMIN, Cornwall – A team of entrepreneurs and product development “geeks” are helping UK companies meet the radical challenges posted by COVID-19. Innovolo have a wide range of experience and expertise they can draw on to help businesses adapt and launch new products with extraordinary speed.

Their secret sauce? It’s all about having a system, according to Managing Director Robin Pallister:

“There’s been a massive increase in new product ideas as a result of this global pandemic. But going from idea to reality – a product you can ship out of the door next week – needs a system. Luckily, we’ve made one. It’s called the Innovolation Framework.”

Their system claims to greatly speed up the process of product development, allowing multiple stages of the project to be worked on simultaneously. Of course, it helps that they have a panel of experts that include technical and engineering professionals, chemical engineers, physicians, 3D designers, and more.

They’ve even launched their own online Call for Innovations where any budding inventor can submit their idea for expert evaluation and advice:

So, if you’re a Cornish inventor or entrepreneur looking to play your part in helping the country move forward to better times again – you don’t have far to look for a helping hand! With the help of product design and development experts like Innovolo, your idea – whether for a physical product, a software application, or a combination of both – could become reality far quicker than you think.

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I love the range of expert fields with Innovolo. Very clever framework caption from Director Robin Pallister! Has physical product development slowed down heavily due to the pandemic or has it maintained a healthy balance?

I am really impressed by this new system of new Product development. Looking forward to know more about this Innovolation Framework.

Cornish inventor, business or entrepreneur looking to play their
part in helping the country move forward to better times again might needs to look inward.

Well this a new Product development in the industry today. Might as well it gives the people easier access for everyone who wants to reach out for them. The new idea generation gives a better perspective for evereybody.

Good to know that innovation in Cornwall is in full swing despite these challenging times. I just wish that I can say the same for other parts of the world but I cannot. I just hope that this ends soon. We all do.

There are many creative ideas that emerged during the corona pandemic to overcome the limited space for people to move. It is so impressive to know what can be done with Innovolo. New product ideas that can certainly be an alternative source of income during a pandemic.

It’s great to know that even in the current hard time new product development in the UK continues increasing and improving.

A lot goes around when you have a new Product development plan. It is good to have an involvement with expert to help you out sort all your product problems.

This system, called the Innovolation Framework, will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the continuity of a business for product design and development. Glad to hear the secret sauce that has been disclosed here in obtaining help through Innovolo.

UK is one place I my journey to create ideas started from. Now am glad to grow beyond. This post is really an eye opener to all. I love this.

It’s a delight to see Innovolo featured in news outlets. Innovolo is hands down number one in innovation.

No one is better than Innovolo when it comes to new product development. I recommend them!

Product design is always a challenge for many. Of course, that’s why we have Innovolo!

Innovolo has helped so many businesses formulate a solution for their innovation challenges. Keep up the great job.

Idea generation is much easier with a friend like Innovolo on your side. You guys do an amazing job.

This is the time for the Cornish people to step up and create ideas. They have all it takes!

I can totally see how new product ideas can benefit from a company like Innovolo. I applaud the wonderful work!

Like the rest of the world, Cornish people face challenges in idea commercialisation. Having Innovolo to assist does help a lot.

Innovation in Cornwall couldn’t be better placed! Innovolo all the way!

Innovolo is a truly national company. New product development in the UK has benefited a lot thanks to Innovolo.

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