Great Insights Gained At The Cadent Gas Call4Action Workshop for Dementia Innovation This Week

Innovation in Dementia Call4Action Workshop

Some very fascinating insights were gained when Innovolo attended the Dementia Workshop hosted by EIC and Cadent on Wednesday 6th November. We little appreciate the struggles that people with dementia and people caring for people with dementia go through.

The EIC teamed up with gas network Cadent and the Alzheimer’s Society to host the Call 4 Action workshop which aims to discover how innovation in the utilities sector can improve the quality of life and safety of people living with dementia in the UK.  Working closely with the existing Utility Working Group of the government’s National Mental Capacity Forum to help identify and sponsor solutions to the challenges.
The workshop took place on the 6th of November in Wembley to contribute to a discussion around the challenges for people living with Dementia plus those caring for them and how the utility sector can address them.
Some very fascinating insights were gained when Innovolo attended the Dementia Workshop hosted by EIC and Cadent on Wednesday 6thAccording to the Alzheimer’s Society, 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 have dementia, with the total current figure in the UK sitting at 850,000. This number is set to rise to over 1 million by 2025. The EIC believes that innovation has the power to change people’s lives for the better, and captured many ideas, thoughts and suggestions on how the UK utilities can help people living with dementia. The utility sector has a unique opportunity in being trusted to be able to access people’s homes and see signs of potential trouble emerging.
The Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia support and research charity, for anyone affected by any form of dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Some very fascinating insights were gained when Innovolo attended the Dementia Workshop hosted by EIC and Cadent on Wednesday 6thKarl Pallister, Director at Innovolo, said, “The workshop was an amazing opportunity to gather ideas from a number of sectors, including utility companies, health authorities and charities, social workers and independent product development companies like Innovolo. The opportunity for collaboration greatly assisted the efforts to give people living with dementia a better standard of living, especially being able to carry on living independently in the safety of their own homes.”
Jo Giles, Customer Safeguarding Manager at Cadent, said, “As providers of vital services, the utilities sector is committed to prioritising the needs and protection of people in vulnerable situations. Our aim is to empower those people to be able to live well and not be left behind by an industry that is rapidly changing. The work we are doing with the EIC, starting with the Call 4 Action workshop, is key to understanding how the industry can come together to facilitate innovation and make a difference to people living with dementia.”
As an independent product design agency, Innovolo works with brand owners to develop products. With our new-found knowledge of the challenges that people living with dementia have, we would be very pleased to explore this avenue with suppliers of equipment that can be used to help.
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This is exciting news, how the innovation continues. Especially Innovolo, which involves brand owners to make innovations to help people living with dementia.

Innovation in terms of treatment I take it? Or the meds at least would be good. I do not know much about this illness but maybe it is time that we are made more aware. Then again this is the mind we are tweaking here so we must utilize caution.

I wonder why is innovation so difficult to some people. I think regular seminar to the public on this will help a lot. Thanks for this educative post.

Innovation has the power to change the lives of those people with Dementia. Companies have always been solved problems that surround the living sectors of the society.

Great that EIC and Cadent are addressing this very prominent illness. Bringing idea generation towards treating the elderly or anyone with dementia, shows collective accountability as a caring society.

I hope to see new product development focusing on tools to help dementia patients. They deserve our love and attention.

I support any product design that takes into account challenges faced by those with dementia. Kudos to the companies that consider this.

A solution that would effectively cure Alzheimer’s is my prayer. I believe we will see it soon.

Each physical product development that aims to improve lives of dementia patients should be supported. The government ought to help with this.

The workshop was a great success with a lot of news ideas being generated. Thanks a lot for sharing!!

The workshop will help companies create ideas that better cater to the unique needs of dementia sufferers.

I hope the workshop will help with new product ideas that better cater to people with dementia. I am in total and full support of it.

With idea commercialisation of products that help people companies are able to kill two birds with one stone. Staying profitable while helping the community.

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