Cleansing Formulation
Medical Sector

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Construction / Industrial Sector

Portable Fire Protection Unit
Domestic Sector

Reverse Engineering of Chemical Formulation
Industrial Sector

Remote-Controlled Lifting Equipment
Construction Sector


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New Product Development (NPD) Project Brief Template (.dotx)

This downloadable template is the perfect way to kick off a new product development project. It includes sections for the project’s basic information, an overview of the organization’s strategic goals and how the new product meets them, as well as sections for financial and customer data.

Market Research Project Brief Template (.dotx)

Market research is only ever as good as the brief provided.  Use our free downloadable template to help you.

Technology Readiness Level and Manufacturing Readiness Level Comparison Chart

Highlight your technology readiness level (TRL) and manufacturing readiness level (MRL) while improving your management process with a downloadable TRL and MRL comparison chart template. This free template allows you to create a visual display of your company’s TRL levels across different technological platforms.

Fast Idea Generator

Highlight your technology readiness level (TRL) and manufacturing readiness level (MRL) while improving your management process with a downloadable TRL and MRL comparison chart template. This free template allows you to create a visual display of your company’s TRL levels across different technological platforms.

Professional Networking Canvas

Design your ideal professional network using our downloadable professional networking canvas template. This template will help to visualize the various relationships that make up your network and establish the criteria by which you measure its effectiveness.

Product Vision Canvas

The Product Vision Canvas is a printable and easy to use template that guides product teams through the process of defining and articulating their vision and strategy. Specifically designed for product innovators, this tool helps you answer critical questions about your product or service.

Project Snapshot Canvas

The downloadable project overview canvas template is a simple, effective tool to help you present your most important project information to key stakeholders.

Value Chain Innovation Scoring Canvas

Our downloadable value chain innovation scoring canvas template is designed to help you ‘score’ and select high potential value chains for improvement.

How To Use the MoSCoW Matrix

The MoSCoW method allows you to prioritize features and requirements based on importance, impact, and feasibility. This downloadable guide explains the MoSCoW method in detail, providing example use cases, as well as a ready-to-use template for applying the method to your next project.

How To Use the PICK Chart

Do you have a product that needs better sales and a profit boost? Use the PICK prioritisation chart to decide which benefits to focus on first. Once you’ve decided which benefits to target, use our guide to prioritise the ones that present the biggest opportunities for your business.

How To Use the VRIO Framework

This guide provides a detailed overview of the VRIO Framework. VRIO stands for Value, Risk, Opportunities and Innovation. Each one of these dimensions is equally important and each dimension is considered and discussed in this framework.

How To Use Porter’s Diamond Model

Porter’s Diamond Model helps marketers choose the location and number of rivals for each market or market segment. This downloadable guide explains what the model is, how and why it is used, and also contains a worked example using the factors that you would consider when deciding where to locate in a foreign market.

How To Use the Value vs Cost Model

With this guide you will learn how to set up and use a value vs cost matrix with the product being developed. While there are many benefits associated with using a value-cost matrix, this method is particularly useful for projects with several features being considered.

How To Use Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s Forces Model is a strategic framework for analyzing the competitive environment in which an industry operates, and can be applied to any business situation. In this guide you’ll learn how to use the model to make sense of your own industry. This tool offers a simple way to map your competition, develop strategies for targeted growth, and create a compelling vision of what your competitive advantage is.

How To Use Enterprise Readiness Levels (ERLs)

Enterprise Readiness Levels (ERLs) is a method to determine the maturity of an organisation in respect to its readiness to move into the new product development process. Use this information to understand what stage an organisation is at and what improvements can still be made.

How To Use the RICE Formula

This downloadable guide explores the steps you can take to frame your next new product idea within the RICE (Reach, Impact, Confidence & Effort) framework. It also walks you through the process of using RICE to help you prioritise and select ideas for future development.

Innovation Preflight Checklist

The Innovation Checklist is a downloadable PDF checklist to help you prepare for your next innovation project. It’s based on the experience and thinking of military innovators to help you identify what steps are involved in a successful innovation project, and can be used with colleagues who all want your projects to succeed.  Inspired by Lt Col Waldo Waldman.

Product Launch Plan Checklist

So you’ve got a brilliant idea for a new product and you’re ready to get cracking with the development process. Before you do, use our downloadable checklist to make sure that you have everything prepared and organized. After all, planning out your project in advance can help reduce errors and mishaps – which helps ensure that you get your new product onto the market quickly and successfully.

Business Start-up Checklist

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a home-based stay-at-home parent, the Business Start-Up Checklist will help you prepare for your big day. Use this free checklist to ensure that you’re ready to launch your business and enjoy a successful career as an entrepreneur.

Team Ground Rules Swipe File

Get everyone on the same page with the Team Ground Rules Swipe File. This downloadable template makes it easy to define parameters and expectations for team members, making collaboration more effective from the get-go.

RICE Idea Prioritisation Spreadsheet Template

The RICE spreadsheet template is a downloadable Excel tool for prioritising new product development ideas using the RICE (Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort) method which is standardised by most large companies. When used as part of a structured approach to new product development it helps ensure that projects don’t overrun in terms of time or cost and focuses ideas on those with high return on effort.