During the feasibility stage of product development, a company needs to gather information and perform analysis to assess the feasibility or develop the business case for a new product. The fact that investment in product development and the cost of design changes increase rapidly after the feasibility stage emphasizes the importance of doing your homework well at the feasibility stage.

The following areas questions need to be evaluated as a basis to proceed beyond the feasibility stage:

  • Is It Real? Does a market exist for the product. Is there a true need in the marketplace? Which markets might benefit from such a product? Will customers buy it? How large is the opportunity? Can the product actually be made? What technologies are required? Do we have these technical capabilities in-house, or are there opportunities to license or acquire what we need?
  • Can You Win?Analyze the competitive environment. Is the proposed product competitive? What are the competitive strength’s of the product? Will we compete basd on price, perfomance, innovative features, service, reliability, or time-to-market? Is this competittive basis sustainable? What do we expect the competitive response to be? Is the basis of competition in line with our overall strategy?
  • Is It Worth It? Do we have realistic estimates of sales and revenue? Are product costs acceptable? Are development costs affordable and acceptable? Is the product going to be profitable? Is its profitability acceptable and as good or better than other opportunities that the firm has? Is there an adequate return on investment? Are the risks understood and are they acceptable? Is this product in line with our company strategy? These profitability questions are normally answered with a formal business case that shows projected profit over the life of the product or expresses this data in the form of return on investment (ROI) or other similar financial measure.

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5 Fundamental Questions You Must Always Ask When Doing A Product Feasibility Study

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Most of us have a dream product or two and wants to expand it or reach that next level in a clever and powerful way.

Doing that is not going to be easy, but with the right approach we can totally deliver the results and value you always wanted. It all comes down to understanding the scope of your product and how can you make it a reality in a professional manner. And that’s where the New Product Feasibility Study comes into play.

What is the New Product Feasibility Study?

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Is Your New Product Development Idea Realistic And Technically Feasible? And Commercially Viable?

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So often new product ideas can be wild. Wild and maybe unrealistic. Feasibility studies help to stop the dreamers wasting money on ideas that may not ever be feasible. They can also reveal some extraordinary new opportunities.

Feasibility studies basically help you to understand whether an idea, plan or product is feasible and likely to be a success. This includes considering factors such as whether it can be technically done, if it will cost more to make than the profits that can be made, as well as whether it’s worth the time and effort.

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