Get Yourself To The Front of the Queue Now: Innovolo Are Prioritising COVID-19 Stimulated Inventions

Front of the Queue COVID-19 Inventions Prioritised UK-Based RD Specialists Innovolo Ramp Up Pandemic Support (1)

UK Based R&D Specialists Ramp Up Pandemic Support

Newquay, Apr 20, 2020 (  – BODMIN, CORNWALL – WHEN future historians look back to 2020, there may well be a silver lining to the “Coronacrisis” that we’re grappling with – the number of new inventions that went from idea to reality, in a fraction of the usual time that such developments would normally take.

Doing their bit to help the country – and the world – bring these inventions to life is a Cornwall-based outfit called Innovolo. The company was only established in 2018 but the team benefits from decades of experience across multiple industries.

All of this experience and expertise is now being deployed in the fight of our lifetime – the battle against an invisible enemy, which has caused such widespread death and disruption. “Over the last 2 weeks, we have moved all of the COVID-19 related projects to our top priority category” confirmed Innovolo Managing Director Robin Pallister.

From devices that help key workers maintain social distancing, to sanitizing solutions and safety screens, this crisis has sparked a wave of innovation beyond just the hospital and healthcare frontline. There are a host of new challenges, but it is also bringing out the extraordinary ability of individuals and companies to adapt and design new solutions to the problems we have never faced on this scale before.

There is a precedent for this. Countless inventions that we take for granted today – including jet engines, radar, and penicillin – became physical realities in the fraught years of World War II. So, if you have a Corona-inspired idea – whether for a physical product, a software application or a combination of both – now would be the perfect time to tell the team at Innovolo about it. With their expert help, your idea could become a reality far quicker than you think.

And if it helps to save lives and secure jobs in this crisis, then you too will have played a critical role in helping the country move forward into better times once again.

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I love the message here, to adapt to difficult circumstances with brilliant innovation. Inventors should use the pandemic as ammunition for needed solutions. Has Innovolo had a surge on Corona related ideas?

Product design has come such a long way, and getting it out in the market as fast as it could should really be a top priority now that the pandemic has taken hold. I am very amazed at how this crisis has made companies even better at delivering solutions during this crisis without sacrificing its quality.

I always believe that Innovation always follows the demand. In this case this is not surprising. After all you are literally hitting two birds on this one. Making profit on one hand and helping on the other? A good deal to me.

what is innovation without getting self To The Front of the Queue Now as Innovolo Are Prioritising COVID-19 Stimulated Inventions

The corona virus pandemic has made economic conditions experience great turmoil. Changing trends and consumer priority needs also influence the choice of potential business ideas. So we need innovation today, and of course together with Innovolo to support us.

Many people trust and look for opportunities to make true their innovation and improvement ideas in companies that bring assessments like Innovolo. Innovation in Cornwall inspires others to do all they can to make those ideas come true.

At times, we ask ourselves why is innovation so difficult to us. Actually you just said it in this post, that in the most difficult times, we got some of the best ideas then and we enjoy them today.

Well, with the crisis faced due to Covid-19, full support is needed as has been done by Innovolo. That way, new product ideas for innovation that are needed from various businesses can be realized for economic sustainability.

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One thing will definitely make one get advantage over others is the i deal and idea commercialisation which give us priority. Thanks for this good post.

Wow, what a lovely article about Innovolo’s work. You guys are true leaders when it comes to innovation.

New product development has seen a spike in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. It is kind of a blessing and a curse.

I like that Innovolo helps inventors with everything including product design. Not many companies offer these services.

Innovolo remains the top go to company when looking for a problem solution. This is especially true for businesses looking to innovate.

Having someone that can help with physical product development can lift a lot of weight from a company. Thanks Innovolo for being here.

History has taught us that crises always spark a lot of idea generation. This pandemic has been no exception to the rule.

It’s interesting how people create ideas during a crisis. Indeed, World War II saw the same trend.

New product ideas have been cropping up a lot in recent times. I didn’t even know there was a precedent to this situation during the world war.

There is no shortage of ideas. The problem has always been in idea commercialisation.

With Innovolo I can know how to prioritise the ideas in my business. The help you provide is truly valuable.

Cornwall is lucky to have Innopvolo. Little wonder innovation in Cornwall has picked up so well.

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