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Front of the Queue: COVID-19 Inventions Prioritised

Front of the Queue COVID-19 Inventions Prioritised UK-Based RD Specialists Innovolo Ramp Up Pandemic Support (1)
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UK Based R&D Specialists Ramp Up Pandemic Support

Newquay, Apr 20, 2020 (  – BODMIN, CORNWALL – WHEN future historians look back to 2020, there may well be a silver lining to the “Coronacrisis” that we’re grappling with – the number of new inventions that went from idea to reality, in a fraction of the usual time that such developments would normally take.

Doing their bit to help the country – and the world – bring these inventions to life is a Cornwall-based outfit called Innovolo. The company was only established in 2018 but the team benefits from decades of experience across multiple industries.

All of this experience and expertise is now being deployed in the fight of our lifetime – the battle against an invisible enemy, which has caused such widespread death and disruption. “Over the last 2 weeks, we have moved all of the COVID-19 related projects to our top priority category” confirmed Innovolo Managing Director Robin Pallister.

From devices that help key workers maintain social distancing, to sanitizing solutions and safety screens, this crisis has sparked a wave of innovation beyond just the hospital and healthcare frontline. There are a host of new challenges, but it is also bringing out the extraordinary ability of individuals and companies to adapt and design new solutions to the problems we have never faced on this scale before.

There is a precedent for this. Countless inventions that we take for granted today – including jet engines, radar, and penicillin – became physical realities in the fraught years of World War II. So, if you have a Corona-inspired idea – whether for a physical product, a software application or a combination of both – now would be the perfect time to tell the team at Innovolo about it. With their expert help, your idea could become a reality far quicker than you think.

And if it helps to save lives and secure jobs in this crisis, then you too will have played a critical role in helping the country move forward into better times once again.

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