[Webinar Recording] Innovation Misconceptions and How to Make Serious Money from R&D

Innovation Misconceptions, and How You Can Make Serious Money from R&D

Euan Pallister: Well, hello, and a very warm welcome to this next event hosted by Innovolo. My name is Euan Pallister. I’m one of the directors here at Innovolo, and I have the privilege today to introduce to you firstly, Karen Macfadden. Karen is an Associate Director at the Catax Group. And we offer her a warm welcome and are really looking forward to the expertise and the experience that she will be bringing to this event for your benefit. Secondly, I’ll introduce my colleague, Bradley Pallister, who is also a director here at Innovolo who will be discussing some … Read More »

How to Build Value into Your Business Using the Innovation Value Pyramid

Innovolo White Paper - How to Build Value into Your Business Using the Innovation Value Pyramid
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Resources, time, and investment are considered important factors for ensuring the accomplishment of the activities in the working environment. However, the integration of values is also important for driving business growth and success (Ndalamba, 2018). There are many more reasons why building a sellable business is worth the time and effort it takes upfront. After all, a sellable business is also a growing, stable, and profitable business that doesn’t rely on the owner for its daily operations, something every business owner wants, regardless of when they plan on … Read More »

[Webinar Recording] How to Perfect the Art of Idea Generation, and Turning Ideas into Value

How to Perfect the Art of Idea Generation, and Turning Ideas into Value

Euan Pallister: Well, it’s now 3:30. And so, warm welcome, and hello to everyone that’s joined today. Some really, really insightful information is going to come out of this event. So, make sure you have your notebooks at the ready. Just a very brief introduction to those of you who may be new here and are wondering who on earth we are. Innovolo is a company of people who will accelerate your new product development with a clear and accurate picture of the return on investment and the peace of mind that the new product and the budget will meet … Read More »

Revolutionary Floating Wind Turbine Platform Tested in Cornwall

Revolutionary Floating Wind Turbine Platform Tested in Cornwall
A platform designed to aid in the building and launching of floating wind turbines is being researched and tested in Cornwall.

The innovative design has been created by TUGDOCK Ltd, which is based in Falmouth. The company has patented and produced a novel floating solution to lift structures for various uses.

Lucas Lowe-Houghton, director of business development for TUGDOCK, said: “The Floating Offshore Wind sector is growing fast worldwide, with enormous opportunities now emerging in the Celtic Sea and beyond.

“However, very few ports have sufficient water depth and assembly space to enable the commercialisation of these huge turbine floaters. … Read More »

Innovolo nominated as a Top Mechanical Design Startup by Welp Magazine

Innovolo nominated as a top Mechanical Design startup by Welp Magazine
Innovolo have been showcased by the WELP Magazine in their latest list of startups doing mechanical design as one of their primary function.

Whether you’re looking for new inspiration, up-and-coming technologies, or designers and engineers with expertise in design for additive manufacturing, having a list of startup mechanical design companies to follow is a great way to stay connected. WELP have done the heavy work of sourcing a list of startups making marvelous mechanical design innovations and created a comprehensive list of mechanical design startups to follow.

What WELP call mechanical design, others might call engineering or industrial design. For … Read More »

Testing Begins on an Autonomous ‘Mayflower’ Ship ahead of its Atlantic Voyage

Testing Begins on an Autonomous ‘Mayflower’ Ship ahead of its Atlantic Voyage
Humans aren’t the only ones to have had their travel plans ruined by the coronavirus. A robot-powered boat that was due to cross the Atlantic this month has been forced to delay its voyage until next April after the virus caused complications in its development.

Plymouth University in partnership with Plymouth-based autonomous craft specialists MSubs and yacht designer Shuttleworth Design launched a project to design and build the world’s first, fully autonomous, unmanned research ship called Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS), in July 2015.

The autonomous 15-meter trimaran has been built to push the boundaries of autonomous shipping while gathering … Read More »

The Ins And Outs Of MVPs: How To Avoid Feature Creep In Your Product Development

The Ins And Outs Of MVPs How To Avoid Feature Creep In Your Product Development
There’s a lot of steps on the way to launching a new product. Not only do you have to research the market, make a plan, and decide on the selling points, but you also have to somehow keep your project on track until completion.

Who’s got the time?

Worst of all, your new product development is under constant threat of something known as feature creep. It happens when your product gets bloated with tons of ‘amazing’ features although it’s impossible to integrate them all successfully.

In our experience, the best way to simplify the process and efficiently manage your product … Read More »

Designing Innovative Touchscreens in an Increasingly Interactive World

Designing Innovative Touchscreens in an Increasingly Interactive World
We live in a world that expects every display to be interactive. When a child approaches a screen in a shopping mall, they instinctively touch it. They’re surprised if it doesn’t react. Touchscreens are a natural part of our everyday lives. From smartphones and tablets to ticket machines and self-service check-outs, touchscreens are everywhere.

Despite the fact that they’re everywhere, many product and industrial designers still opt for generic touchscreens in their designs. They fear high tooling costs and lack of flexibility when it comes to prototyping. Designers create a product and choose a generic, rectangular touch panel. When actually, … Read More »

Innovative Ways We’re Cleaning Up the Ocean and How You Can Help

Innovative Ways We’re Cleaning Up the Ocean and How You Can Help
Over the last few decades, plastic has become an essential part of our everyday lives. From grocery bags to toys and bottles, plastic is one of the most used materials to date. However, this material is, unfortunately, causing a great deal of harm to ocean life too.

A whopping 8 million metric tons of plastic is found in seas and oceans every year, which is bad news for marine species. Plastic became a popular material because of its ease of manufacture and durability, but when this trash is disposed of and finds its way into the ocean, some products and … Read More »

Lessons Learned From The Demise Of An Iconic Innovator

Lessons Learned From The Demise Of An Iconic Innovator - Briggs and Stratton

Have you heard the news? Briggs & Stratton has applied for bankruptcy in the United States. Never heard of them? You might want to check your lawnmower, pressure washer, or other motorised tool in your shed. There’s a chance it’s powered by a Briggs & Stratton-designed engine.

The downfall of Briggs & Stratton comes as a shock to the business world, market watchers, and the innovation community in general. Before 2020, it was the world’s largest manufacturer of small gasoline engines and employed thousands of people.

Here’s our take on the demise of a great American manufacturing company and the … Read More »

How robotic laparoscopic surgery is being cut down to size

How robotic laparoscopic surgery is being cut down to size
Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, in which a surgeon uses tools and a tiny camera inserted into small incisions to perform operations, has made surgical procedures safer for both patients and doctors over the last half-century. Recently, surgical robots have started to appear in operating rooms to further assist surgeons by allowing them to manipulate multiple tools at once with greater precision, flexibility, and control than is possible with traditional techniques. However, these robotic systems are extremely large, often taking up an entire room, and their tools can be much larger than the delicate tissues and structures on which they operate.… Read More »

First batch of aviation biofuel produced by Spanish energy company Repsol

First batch of aviation biofuel produced by Spanish energy company Repsol
SPANISH energy company Repsol has produced the national market’s first batch of aviation biofuel. The 7,000 t batch, which was derived from biomass, will prevent 440 t of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Spain’s Integrated National Climate and Energy Plan 2021–2030 acknowledges biofuels as the most widely available and widely used renewable technology in transport. Furthermore, it adds that in sectors such as aviation, such fuel will continue to be the only way to reduce fossil fuel use over the coming years.

The biojet – biomass-derived jet fuel – produced by Repsol has a less than 5% … Read More »

11 Reasons Why Prototyping Is Important For New Product Development

11 Reasons why Prototyping is Important for New Product Development

So you have an idea for a new product for your business – where do you start? The answer depends on your unique business maturity and processes. However, there’s no question that a prototype is a hugely important step in your product’s journey to market.

Prototyping is rewarding to you as the inventor because it gives you a physical manifestation that brings your dream to life. It’s a feeling that no mere napkin sketch can bring.

If you’ve ever wondered what that feeling is like, then this post is for you! In it, we offer you a complete guide to … Read More »

Latest Assistive Exoskeleton Innovation Unveiled for Industrial Use

Latest Industrial Assistive Exoskeleton Unveiled

 Ekso Bionics, an industry leader in exoskeleton technology for medical and industrial use, today unveiled EVOTM, an endurance-boosting assistive upper-body exoskeleton that alleviates the burden of repetitive work. Building on the Company’s trailblazing EksoVest technology, EVO’s innovative design is the next step in the evolution of industrial exoskeletons.

Through collaborations with leaders in global manufacturing and construction, Ekso Bionics has accumulated a wealth of in-the-field customer insights that allowed it to reimagine its weight-assist exoskeleton technology. EVO is lighter and more flexible than its predecessor, with an optimized human-machine interface that is cool and comfortable to wear for all-day use, … Read More »

Innovation uses ‘stethoscope’ to monitor machine quality, functionality

Innovation uses ‘stethoscope’ to monitor machine quality, functionality
Researchers at Purdue University have announced a system for efficient, low-cost monitoring for machine health, including overall quality, condition, and operation status.

The Purdue team’s innovation uses audio-based artificial-intelligence technology to monitor the overall conditions of machines in factories, hospitals, and other locations. The Purdue system uses a stethoscope-like system as a sensor and analyzes the data with a neural network-based framework.

“Our solution is to use the concept of doctors listening to a body to assess the initial condition or experts listening to the machine sounds to know what is going on,” said Martin Jun, a Purdue innovator and … Read More »