Meet the Dream Team.

Our Beautiful Bunch of Creative Misfits

We’re a team of creative problem-solving engineers and designers that love to get stuck into a project or product development to make it a success.
dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Alistair Bush

Project Delivery

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dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Arthur Pallister

Technical Director

I am committed to helping individuals or companies to innovate by using a modular approach thereby bringing ideas or innovative products through the processes needed to create and protect their property.

I interact directly with the client whilst progressing forwards according to the client’s vision and resource available to help them commit to seeing their products or projects through to completion.

In the early years, I studied for Engineering Diplomas, and I have a lifetime of work experience in a wide range of fields including Electrical, Water Treatment, Environmental, Real Estate, Sales, Procurement, R&D, and latterly, Product Development.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Billy Jones

Client Funding Manager

I believe prime interest should be in the client. I listen to clients and offer solutions. My skills are business planning with an effective action plan.

I am trained in global organisation and love producing positive results creating longevity and assured return on investment. 

When I am not working I am enjoying my family.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Bradley Pallister

Operations director

I have a few themes that I work within everything I do:

  • Always have scarily big ideas.
  • The team gets the credit.
  • Get connected. You never know when you might need to call on someone. Share the knowledge. Let everyone get help.
  • Never stop learning.

These themes have been my friends pretty much since I left school. I’m always (often to my detriment) ready for a challenge. I quit my last job because I didn’t feel like I was stretched enough.

I’ve worn a whole load of different hats since I started out in the wonderful world of work. Mostly because of life’s circumstances rather than by design. But as a result, I have a unique ability to lead multi-disciplinary long-term programmes and to navigate some pretty complex challenges alongside my team.

When I’m not at work (which isn’t very often it seems), you’ll find me snowed under with some charity work. Or working alongside students and teaching staff in the OneSchool CAP Programme in my new voluntary role as Career Readiness Campus Lead for Plymouth.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Bronwynne Pallister

Elevator Network

Everyone has that idea they think is slightly weird and positively impossible, but it’s possible for everyone and actually rather simple.

Innovation is the road on which you can drive your business to places right off the map, places you didn’t even know existed. There are some complicated sides to innovating, but let us look after that. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Working closely with world-famous influencers, business coaches, and event organisers to collaborate on events and opportunities. Bringing them business and making sure they fully understand the services we provide and how we can help them while they help others! Having worked in many different roles during my time in work since 2014, I have covered most aspects of business.

What do I really excel in? I’m a social sort, one who enjoys meeting new people and maintaining great relationships and rapport. Being outgoing and rather whacky I do find it easy to connect and work with people of all walks of this wonderful life. Being a social sort, I enjoy meeting new people as well as organising events that all parties can enjoy and benefit from. I ensure events are managed and keep our social bubble expanding.

When I am not working, art, photography, and architecture are a few of my favourite things I like to hang around. But being among people from every angle of life, studying them and using this to increase my knowledge and experience is what I love best. Even if its rather useless knowledge and experience, it may come in handy one day.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Charlie Bolton

Digital Media

Coming soon…

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Charly Saltmarsh

Finance Administrator

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dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Clive Saltmarsh

Client Consultant

We relieve the pressure on product development teams by a unique blend of practical creativity and standardised modular processes.

I use the knowledge of a number of different industries from past and present to cross-fertilise and help to assist a client with their own internal efforts, helping them to feel empowered, to break free from the pack, and lead.

I have extensive experience in the plastics industries, construction industry, Gas and Oil, GRP, Extensive Model creation. I enjoy the satisfaction of observing clients get ahead.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Elsa Schlaudraff

Project Director

Growing your business doesn’t have to be so hard.  Successful businesses have gone from little to lots by constantly doing something different.  They embrace change. 

We all know that by doing the same thing we did yesterday we will not be better tomorrow.  We can take your company ideas and make them grow legs by introducing these dreams to our Innovolation Framework – a tried and tested methodical process that ensures things happen.

I manage the projects and am responsible for workloads, resources and programmes.  Our priority is to be approachable for client questions at all times and we strive to ensure that our clients can ‘let go’ of their dream once handed over to us.  They know that this thing will happen and it will be great.

I am an expert at teams!  I grew up, the oldest of nine children which was the first team experience – right from day dot so to say.  I stayed in college for as long as it went, the need for an income made me work where I joined a small textile firm and proceeded to help build up their new business moving into hotel supplies.  I had a long break after getting married and building my own team of kids, then moved on to leading a huge team of volunteers in a business funding a group of private schools.  Now I am at Innovolo and love every minute as every project is unique and we are a great team with fun every day.

I love to learn so I end up signing up for courses and exams about anything just for the love of learning – from addiction counselling to retail consumer behaviour – all in my spare time.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Euan Pallister

Commercial Director

Ever since I got into the sales arena in 2007, nothing has given me more motivation than seeing clients satisfied with the outcome of their investment. I am absolutely obsessed with finding creative ways to form a better consequence for the client than they even knew existed.

How do I do this?

  1. Close examination and exploration of what the client REALLY needs, by looking past their explanations and dreaming of possibilities.
  2. Knuckle down and visualise the outcome on paper… the ‘what if this could be done’ scenario.
  3. Test the vision with raw reality.  
  4. Drop the immense possibilities and boundless opportunities right into the view of the client.
  5. Then… watch and enjoy as the client experiences the Stench of Success, the Pleasure of Progress, and the Addiction of Advance.

Sales are not about targets and revenue and all that… I view the word ‘Sales’ as a short abbreviation for converting clients to understand what they have been missing out on until now. It’s an immensely satisfying addiction…

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Gaith Ghalayini

Design engineer

Our industry is dealing with, what I think, is the biggest challenge we have faced collectively – climate change. I believe the solution is to ensure our industrial and manufacturing processes become environmentally friendly and sustainable. The interesting point about environmentally friendly and sustainable methods to our industry is that the science is available, and the only thing left is for Engineers and Product designers to implement this science into our everyday activities, products, and lives. 

I am a Mechanical Engineer and have worked with many start-up companies helping them develop their concepts. I also worked for a design agency in London which are responsible for many interesting products.

I love inventing things so I enjoy working but when I am not working, I love being around my loved ones and watching tv shows, sharing jokes, and playing games.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Hussain Aftab

Electronic Systems Engineer

Sometimes, as service/solution providers, we humans don’t understand the client’s problems. Other times the client couldn’t communicate the key points that may help us help them better. We first need to learn the clients’ business processes – before immediately sketching the solution based on some crude requirements. Only then we can come up with a solution that client truly needs rather than what they want.

I design solutions to solve the client’s problem. I understand the client’s need/business process and come up with a solution to address the problem. I handle the technology (electronics, electrical software, etc) aspect of the solution. Designing from a simple prototype to a scalable solution. The thing I enjoy the most is the opportunity to learn new things. Every project is different, target different problems within different environments, and has different constraints and resources. This environment keeps us on our toes and always thinking outside the box, and learning new technologies.

My formal education includes a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering based on control systems. I have more than a decade of professional experience in embedded systems development. That’s electronics hardware design, embedded software (firmware) development, PCB designing, and software development. I have developed products from scratch, starting from the proof of concept to the final deployment. I have led a team of engineers in projects to solve complex engineering problems. I am very passionate about engineering and love to work in a challenging environment.

When I am not working I love to spend time with my family – especially with my son and niece.  I like to go out with family and friends or watch a movie. I love to learn about new technologies.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

José Fluguerto

Regulatory compliance specialist

I am a regulatory consultant, helping Innovolo develop projects faster and smoother by planning an enhanced regulatory strategy and carrying them out from the start of the project.

I have had experience since 2017 developing and marketing compliance medical devices.  The medical device industry has one of the strictest regulatory frames all over the world. Since 2018 I am also concentrating on general-purpose products and new product design compliances as well as continuing in my specialist field of medical.

I love my work – Being part of a new product development team is always so exciting because I am contributing to solving people’s needs safely and effectively in many ways with so many different products.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my younger sister who accompanies me with one of my greatest passions: horses and polo.  My main hobbies are schooling, training, and playing my own polo ponies. I am also still studying for industrial engineering at University. 

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Karl Pallister

Finance Director

I’m very passionate about business as a series of processes. Time and again I see people struggling and constantly reinventing the wheel when it comes to business processes. 

I like to think about a process just once, get it set up, so it smoothly flows from the previous one, and into the next one, make sure it works, then I delegate it to someone else.

R&D and Product Development is a simple set of business processes.  There are some people who say there is a bit of black art about Product Development – that’s because they haven’t taken the time to define a proper process. Consequently, they suffer delays, extra costs, and rework, which then feeds the belief that it can’t run as a process. I say – set up the process right in the first place, and a lot of the rework isn’t necessary.

I look after the finances. Vitally important that someone makes sure there is money for ongoing operations and investments are made in new equipment and new staff to enable growth. With the strategic growth targets in place, we need to do all we can to invest sensibly, ensuring we grow as fast as possible while making some money along the way and not running out of cash in the meantime. I do a few other things as well along the way to help keep the ship afloat – I help to develop the systems and processes. I make some sales calls. Whatever needs to be done when it needs to be done and there’s no-one else to do it.

Having worked in a multitude of industries in the past, I have a diverse experience – and it’s amazing how roles with the same job title can change so much in different industries. I’ve covered automotive, chemicals, construction, engineering, and printing in previous lives, and have gathered up a lot of methods that fit together. Finance is relatively simple, and the same basic principles pervade through all industries, although construction has more quirks than most.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Dr. Leonard Haberman

Physician, PhD chemist & MBA

I  like to interact with clients of Innovolo by first asking them to discuss their current and immediate future needs as well as their longer-term aspirations. What does a successful business look like to them in the next 3 to 5 or even 10 years? I want clients to feel engaged and connected with me during the work process. I want them to be able to trust me sufficiently so they feel comfortable discussing both their best results and the pitfalls they encountered in developing their business.

I have a diverse background in terms of both education and work experience.  Over the course of 38 years, I accumulated a BA in chemistry and biology, a Ph.D. in chemistry, an MBA, and an MD degree along with some post-graduate training in pathology.  Work has taken me from serving as a research chemist working on petrochemical and oil production projects to serving as a chemical marketing manager and as a physician.  This diversity of education and experience allows me to borrow technical information from a wide variety of sources and apply management science to solve problems with business implications arising from a variety of disciplines.

I enjoy finding bits of information from disciplines such as physics, engineering, chemistry, and applied biology that can be fitted together to serve a unique need. When I am not working I love raising parrots.  My wife and I are raising a Moluccan cockatoo and two special needs cockatiels.  I also enjoy traveling – over the past years, I have visited many countries including UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, Egypt, Columbia, Singapore, and Ecuador. Education and

Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Medicine, Lubbock, TX

  • MD May 2009
  • Post Graduate Training in Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine
  • Post Graduate Training in Pathology at Penrose Hospital 

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX

  • MBA August 2003

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

  • PhD in Chemistry Sept 1987 – Thesis Title: The opening of Oxygenated Heterocycles with Trimethylsilyl Cyanide

New York University, New York NY   

  • BA 1981 Majors: Chemistry and Biology   

Honors and Distinctions  

  • Shell Special Recognition Award 1996
  • Shell Vantage Award 1996
  • Shell Special Recognition Award 1993
  • Shell Quality Award 1993   
  • Shell Quality Award 1992
  • 3M Fellowship 1984
  • Deans Honor Roll, New York University
  • New York State Regents Scholarship
  • Selected for election to AOA in both Junior and Senior years of Med School

Former Occupations

  • Senior Production Chemist
  • Research Chemist 
  • Associate Research Chemist


  • United States Patent 7,000,437 – System and method for economically viable and environmentally friendly central processing of home laundry.
  • United States Patent 6,063,737 – Aqueous Displacement Fluid Compositions for Use in Well Bores. International applications filed in June 2006.


  • Ninety-seven Shell Chemical Company and Shell International Exploration & Production Company publications
  • Regiospecific Opening of Oxetanes with Trimethylsilyl Cyanide-Zinc Iodide. A General Approach to Gamma-Amino Alcohols. Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 26, 1985, p. 4971
  • Epoxide Opening with Tert-Butyldimethylsilyl Cyanide-Zinc Iodide. Evidence for a Stepwise Process in the Opening of a Sterically Hindered Epoxide. Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol. 51, 1986, p. 5010.
dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Mackenzie Johnson

Content writer

Readers want to be able to understand what they’re reading – whether online or in a business setting.

The problem is, the reader (or the user) often isn’t kept in mind. Instead, dense and difficult content is published daily and is sometimes hard to avoid if you are browsing the web or reading a business report.

Readers want the facts and they want them quickly. If, in that process, they find themselves entertained – all the better.

I’m proud to be trying to merge the worlds of business writing with readable and engaging content. There IS a way to write about complicated subjects, especially in business and technical fields, without making it hard for readers to understand.

I wrote and researched for years for academics and business. Both fields seem to actively encourage bad writing habits:

  • Complicated jargon;
  • Stuffy language; and,
  • Over-complicated and repetitive descriptions.

I know there is a better way. I’m a reader too, after all. I expect more, and I think others do too.

I think the best way to write is to be sincere and to never try to sound smarter than you are. The main goal in writing should always be to communicate brilliantly, not to show off.

When I’m not writing full-time, I like to get physical with home renovations and landscaping. Working with my hands is a good distraction as long as it doesn’t involve a computer keyboard.

When my back hurts and my muscles are sore, I switch back to the softer side of life, that is, reading books and playing music.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Manish Timilsina

Chemical engineer

Chemical products contain hazardous chemicals that have effects on both environment and humans. I research for the substitution of these hazardous chemicals to make it environment and health-friendly. 

I love the continuous problem and finding it’s solution-based learning. I enjoy thorough research – it helps to get a wide range of insight about the product and its chemistry and its production.  The best bit is solving the problem regarding safety and hazards!  

When I am not working I love most to travel, get involved in social organization, reading books, and gathering with my family.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Nemanja Stojanovic

Mechanical engineer

Business exists to solve a problem and help people live better lives. Instead of starting the discussion talking about myself,  I have a shot at resonating with my reader. How you understand your client’s pain points, and your approach to helping them, are instant trust builders.

I am skilled in creative design and I enjoy problem-solving, and every project is different, so I’m learning new things with every new project I do.

When I am not working I love hiking and riding and restoring motorcycles. Also, I play guitar and I’m exploring guitar making.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Paul Tuffin

Mechanical Engineer

My job at Innovolo is to review new ideas and assess how we can help the customer achieve or fulfill these. I like to avoid condescension at all costs. I believe one should always look up to your customer/colleague. Take the blame even if it’s their fault. Team-work is making the other members of the team look good. At Innovolo we view the client as part of the team.  This makes our work about them. The client´s success is important to us.

My background started with an Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering Apprentice.  I then moved onto estimating and sales for papermaking machinery. Between then and now I gathered experience in a lot of areas including transport contracting, automotive engineering and repair, welding and fabrication, working with architects and contractors in the construction industry, metalworking machinery sales, environmental and quality compliance  – particularly welding standards.

I enjoy my job – I enjoy the variety. And the detail. The diversity of new ideas in different fields and markets. And being part of an energetic enthusiastic and well-organised team!

When I´m not working you´ll find me walking or doing some kind of outdoor activity. I enjoy providing hospitality for company of all ages. I also enjoy reading and put a fair bit of my time into voluntary work on charitable projects.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Pavel Pavlov

3D Conceptual designer

Coming soon

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Peter Barta

Mechanical engineer

As a Manufacturing Engineer at Innovolo, it is my job to understand a client´s request, asking the correct questions to be able to offer the correct solution for manufacturing.

With my manufacturing degree and over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing field, I am confident to assist in all types of product development.  My specialist area is DFM (Design for Manufacturability).  I take the design or prototypes and ensure that it is actually manufacturable. 

I love the work I do -I see an Idea on a brief or discussion, I see the 3D and help to turn it on real life.  From concept to a real product, I like this travel and be part of it.

When I am not working I am spending time with my family – my wife, two daughters, and my dog.  We love hiking, swimming, and gardening.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Phil Norman

Global Client Consultant

Coming soon

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Robin Pallister

Managing Director

Too many business owners or entrepreneurs have great ideas, but don’t do anything about them because either a) they don’t have time or b) they don’t know where to start. Our business is to take those ideas and dreams and turn them into reality, leaving them to do what they’re best at – running the business. As part of the Leadership Team, I like to keep in close touch with all members of the company, understanding them, and helping them to develop themselves professionally and also personally. Many years of leading a team, particularly in a sales environment have given me an insight into all aspects of business, and an understanding of learning about people and ensuring every single member feels a vital part of the company.
dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Vikas Kathuria

Mechanical Engineer

I  am active in Research and Development, Product Engineering, Design, and Documentation & New Product Development.

I identify issues in current processes and promote an economical solution by explaining to the client in confidence & developing their trust.

I have a Masters in Petroleum Engineering with 15 Years of Core Engineering experience in designing Mechanical Hydraulics, Structural Equipment for Automobile, Agricultural, and Oil & Gas Industries so I love to explore and learn about new Oil & Gas Industry related equipment.

When I’m not working  I play Chess, Sudoku & love solving puzzles. I  plan a vacation with family – we enjoy exploring different places.

I am really inspired since Innovolo Management has shown its valuable interest in the experience and knowledge that I have gained during my previous years. Since my first project with Innovolo, I have got challenging opportunities to work on projects involving different types of products and manufacturing processes. This association with Innovolo has just not motivated me in performing research for those products but also helped me in shaping my confidence towards a brighter vision. I wish to associate with Innovolo Management and Dream Team as long as my experience can be utilized for Innovolo’s Growth.

Umer Qaiser

Digital Transformation Team Lead

I have three favourite quotes:

  1. “The key to everything is empathy, as nothing is more fruitful than walking in the shoes of others.”
  2. “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
  3. “Think globally. Work locally.”

If I have to say one thing I want to fix, I would say it’s the obscurity in communication. Technology, I believe, is about meeting the un-met, unarticulated needs of the people. And, the better the communication we have with them, the better, faster and more efficiently we are able to empathise with them which is crucial for creating real value. I guess what I’m trying to say is, as the providers of technology, we should be a bit more Process-oriented, rather than being Result-oriented all the time.

I interact with our clients about their digital needs. I  try to make them feel as if they’re talking to an expert who deeply empathises with their problems/requirements and bring clarity and energy to the table across teams.

I started coding in Visual Basic (VB) when I was about 10. I am mostly self-taught when it comes to programming and architecting software. I was a college dropout and started freelancing at an early age. Growing up, I wanted to diversify my career, so I worked at different organizations in a relatively shorter span, which enabled me to gain a multi-industrial experience.

I enjoy the multi-disciplinary impact. The creativity. The opportunity of evolving our own self-awareness and challenging our own fixed mind-sets as working with Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Process Automation really enables us to amplify human intelligence and to drive positive change.

When I’m not working, I play some guitar. I write whatever comes to my mind. I binge-watch American TV shows. I ruminate about the scientific and philosophical aspects of the cosmos and us humans. I love to support my family, especially my mother who is an incredibly insightful lady.

dream team, The Dream Team, Innovolo Ltd

Zahin Rahman

Technical Communicator

One of the key traits of leaders is empathy. And the same trait applies to business leaders. Empathizing with the client whose problem you are trying to solve.

When you can relate to the problem, tangibly or intangibly, that is when you develop empathy. And when our communication and solution is geared with that in mind, that is what makes a good business great.

I have a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Data Science. I have over 5 years of technical and management experience in the power and energy sector in station operations engineering.

I am also a music producer and a mixing/mastering engineer so when I am not working i am with amateur and semi-pro artists across the world creating remote collaboration music projects.