ICD+ Facilitated Innovation Strategy Summit

ICD+ Facilitated Innovation Strategy Summit

£5,500.00 ex VAT

Recommended 1-2x annually

Many larger organisations have taken on board the idea that their increased power puts new demands on them. They now believe that firms should indeed serve stakeholders as well as shareholders. Businesses need to offer good value to customers; support their workers with training; be inclusive in matters of gender and race; deal fairly and ethically with all their suppliers; support the communities in which they work; and protect the environment. However companies reset and refine their purposes in the years to come, they will still need to perform. What innovative strategies are going to help them get there? What power playbook will they need to follow? Are there enough new technologies to ward off economic decline? What’s the geopolitical context and nuances leaders must consider?

The ICD+ Facilitated Innovation Strategy Summit has been designed with all key business areas covered — leadership, management, marketing, finance, operations, and sales — to help increase profitability, grow market value, and achieve sustainable growth.


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