Often the most exciting stage of an NPD project.

Who is this for?

Ideation is for anyone.


Just because you’re not the boss or the company’s dedicated R&D manager, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t for you. We find the best ideas actually come from the shop floor, warehouse, tradecounter, at the salesdesk…

This module will be likely used throughout your product or service development pathway, is one of the main core driversin getting your product to market.

What's the end result

Ideation sessions generate a massive volume of ideas, good ones and bad ones.

Mostly good ones, though.

The team (and we can help you with this) can then filter and cut down into the best, most practical or most innovative one to inspire new and better design solutions and products (or whatever it is you’re trying to get ideas on).

When to start?

We normally use the ideation module after doing an initial feasibility study and a bit of market research.

We can facilitate a ideation session with you whenever suits your team.

We ask the probing questions

We innovate with a strong focus on your users, their demands, and your insights about them. 

We assist you in stepping past the obvious solutions

Massively strengthen the innovation potential of your solution.  Confidential crowdsourcing is another way of putting it.

Draw together perspectives and energies of your team

You have a diverse team.

Your guys have energy.

Open the taps and encourage them to participate.

Reveal unexpected areas of innovation

New strategic direction?

Maybe even a completely new business model.

Most of the time it’s just what everyone thinks of innovation to be: a new product, service or feature.

Doesn’t have to be that way.

There are so many ways you can innovate and outstrip your competition.

Create volume and diversity in your innovation opportunities

You will come away with ideas.

Tangible, meaningful, and usually lucrative ideas.

We can guarantee that.

Get obvious solutions out of your minds, and inspire the team beyond them

It’s amazing what you can do when you’ve got preconceived ideas out of your head.