The UK Launches The World’s First ‘Human Detector’ To Protect Homeless People Sleeping In Bins From Harm

human detector, The UK Launches The World’s First ‘Human Detector’ To Protect Homeless People Sleeping In Bins From Harm, Innovolo Ltd

A waste management company has developed a device to help protect homeless people who seek shelter inside industrial bins from harm.

As temperatures drop across the country, waste containers become increasingly important refuges for rough sleepers, of which there are currently 320,000 in the UK, according to the latest research by Shelter.
While finding people sleeping inside bins is rare, the rise in homelessness means that it is becoming an increasingly common situation.
Over the last 10 years, the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) forum states that 20 people have died after being accidentally thrown into trucks by rubbish collectors.
The number of deaths means that checking bins for people has become a regular occurrence for many waste disposal companies
However, manufacturer Total Waste Solutions (TWS) has come up with a more reliable solution by creating what it claims is the world’s first “human detector”.
The device, which fits on to the outside of an industrial bin, has been designed to give workers an extra layer of protection against unwittingly emptying bins with people inside.
TWS states that the device is programmed to pick up on movement, gas, temperature and humidity, and will light up green if no one has been in the container since it was last emptied.
If the device suspects someone is or has been inside the bin, the light will turn red. The “human detector” can also be controlled using Bluetooth on a smartphone or tablet.
The company adds that the data, which is saved to the device’s memory for 30 days, could be passed to homeless organisations and help to identify “high risk bins” which homeless people are more likely to use.
Furthermore, a percentage of the profits made from each device sold will be donated to homeless charities.

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A waste development firm has invented a wonderful device. This will be good for homeless people.

I like how new product ideas are springing up daily to make humanity live better. This is one product idea that will be awesome to be part of.

An innovation that actually solves a very real societal problem. That’s what I like to see.

They used a very clever product design. I am impressed by how the entire concept works.

A problem solution like this is what restores my faith in humanity. This is so thoughtful.

This is a good showing of what can be achieved with stellar idea generation. A lot of lives will be saved.

If more people could create ideas similar to this one the world would be a much better place. This story has truly lifted my spirits.

I like it when new product ideas aim to better the lives of the less fortunate. The human detector does exactly this.

The human detector would do well – I can see all garbage collection companies adopting it.

This article perfectly answers the question why is innovation so difficult. The key is to actually identify a problem and come up with a viable solution for it.

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