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Innovolo’s experienced industrial design and product development team understands how to strike the perfect balance needed in aerospace between innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

Our product development team includes engineers with the keys skills necessary to develop products for the aerospace industry. Our work spans both military and commercial projects, where our design engineers have found cost efficient solutions for several projects.

For each project, we initially assess what key skills are needed to ensure your aerospace project is completed to a budget, within the given timeframe, by assigning a team of design engineers. We are fortunate that at GX our design engineering team has expertise in mechanical, industrial, electronic, software, plus system design and engineering.

The product development team will collaborate with you to assess the feasibility of your aviation project by scoping out an initial design. From these we will prepare detailed prototypes to thoroughly test our concepts, prior to producing a finished commercially viable product.

Innovolo’s product development professionals and industrial designers create quality products, reduce production costs, shorten your time-to-market, and boost your overall competitiveness.

Whether for a turnkey project or ad hoc services, we provide the best knowledge and knowhow.


The Innovolation™ Framework

The Innovolation™ Framework is an agile Research and Development outsourced innovation methodology designed to help SMEs to leverage market gaps in their current product or service offering. 

The process is an overall packaged innovation management offering, and you may wish to carry out some steps yourselves.

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