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Industrial Designers in Cornwall

Innovolo’s experienced industrial design and product development team in Cornwall understands how to strike the perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

Our experts bring together a deep understanding of your business challenges, product requirements, latest methodologies, technologies and materials, customer use specifications, and costing objectives to accompany you through your entire product design, industrial & product development process.

Innovolo’s product development professionals and industrial designers create quality products, reduce production costs, shorten your time-to-market, and boost your overall competitiveness.

Whether for a turnkey project or ad hoc services, we provide the best knowledge and knowhow.


The Innovolation™ Framework

The Innovolation™ Framework is an agile Research and Development outsourced innovation methodology designed to help SMEs to leverage market gaps in their current product or service offering. 

The process is an overall packaged innovation management offering, and you may wish to carry out some steps yourselves.

If only I could find a product design company near to me in Cornwall…

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RSS What’s Happening in Cornwall
  • Free parking in Council car parks for NHS and health and social care staff
    Council car parks will remain free for NHS and health and social care staff and critical care volunteers when car park charges are reintroduced on Monday 01 June.  When parking in a Council car park, these NHS and health and social care staff and critical care staff will need to display the permit provided by their NHS Trust […]
  • Discretionary support fund for small businesses in Cornwall goes live
    Eligible businesses can now apply for a grant of £10,000 or £25,000 from the government’s discretionary business support fund.       Cornwall has been allocated £13.5million by the Government to fund discretionary business support grants.     The Government has set out the guidelines for distributing this new pot of money for businesses who are struggling to survive due to […]
  • MPs join calls this bank holiday weekend for visitors to #comebacklater
    Cornwall MPs are joining forces with Council leaders in calling for visitors to avoid travelling to Cornwall this bank holiday weekend and please come back later.   St Austell and Newquay MP Steve Double, North Cornwall MP Scott Mann and Cornwall Council Leader Julian German are issuing their plea at the start of the first bank holiday weekend since the government eased some of its lockdown restrictions.  All […]
  • Safety first in Bank Holiday week - Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service
    Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has warned residents not to get complacent and let their guard down over the bank holiday weekend, and to make sure that Fire, Ambulance, Police and Coastguards aren’t diverted to thoughtless and avoidable incidents. With eased limits on mileage, roads are bound to be busier. So please drive with extra […]
  • Trading Standards warn of bogus insulation sales team in Cornwall
    Cornwall Council Trading Standards have issued an urgent warning to members of the public after two doorstep conmen were caught cold-calling door-to-door in Roche on Thursday 21 May. The two men were touting for home insulation work, trying to persuade home-owners that the work would be done free of charge and badgering them into signing […]

Amazing Inventions from Cornwall

The rocket line apparatus, a system to launch a line from a ship in distress to the shore, was invented by Helston's Henry Trengrouse.

The cabinetmaker created the device after watching more than 100 men drown when the frigate HMS Anson was grounded off Loe Bar near Porthleven in 1807. Trengrouse Way in Helston was named after him.

Ah. Pasties. Beef, potato, turnip and onion. Foreign versions of Wikipedia say it's "some kind of pie originally from Cornwall, England". Spot on.

You can find/eat pasties everywhere in Cornwall – and the rest of the UK, urgh – and the Cornish are quite proud of them. It has had Europe's Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status since 2011.

Richard Trevithick was born on April 13, 1771, in Tregajorran, a hamlet located near Redruth. He was a famous mining engineer and invented and built the very first steam locomotive before he started to work in Peru and explore Costa Rica.

Although many attribute James Watt with the birth of the modern engine, Trevithick was the father of the high-pressure steam engine.