Innovolo nominated as a Top Mechanical Design Startup by Welp Magazine

mechanical design, Innovolo nominated as a Top Mechanical Design Startup by Welp Magazine, Innovolo Ltd

Innovolo have been showcased by the WELP Magazine in their latest list of startups doing mechanical design as one of their primary function.

Whether you’re looking for new inspiration, up-and-coming technologies, or designers and engineers with expertise in design for additive manufacturing, having a list of startup mechanical design companies to follow is a great way to stay connected. WELP have done the heavy work of sourcing a list of startups making marvelous mechanical design innovations and created a comprehensive list of mechanical design startups to follow.

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What WELP call mechanical design, others might call engineering or industrial design. For the purposes of the article, mechanical design is the creation of 3D models and drawings that describe the individual components of a product and how they work together. Mechanical design is a core part of the design process, and it’s especially crucial for physical product design.



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