Intellectual Property Protection

You want to protect your idea from exploitation from others, and we together with the UK government are willing to help you.

There are intellectual property laws for your help – however, you have to be careful not to publicise your idea in advance. One of the first things we do when we first engage with you is to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is to protect your interests. Innovolo are highly experienced in designing an intelligent Intellectual Property protection strategy that fits your needs and will carry out what’s necessary to get your IP protected. Oh, and one thing – the IP is yours.* Even if we develop it for you.


  • Advice on patentability – whether an idea meets the technical requirements for patenting and, if not, what else can be done to protect it.
  • Searching – investigating the novelty of an invention to determine whether related patents or know-how already exist at home or abroad.
  • Prosecution of patent infringements – drafting and filing domestic and international patent applications and answering objections raised by examiners at the domestic and international patent granting authorities to secure the grant of commercially effective patents.
  • Watching and pre-grant challenges – monitoring competitors’ patent applications and providing evidence of invalidity to the official examiners to block competitor’s applications.
  • Post-grant challenges – technical advice and assistance on how to challenge a competitor’s granted patents and how to defend challenges to your own granted patents.
  • Patent portfolio strategies – review of portfolios and advice on international protection options and opportunities aligned to markets, competitor activity, commercial IP objectives and budgets.
  • Patent Box tax opportunities – advice to UK tax paying entities on use of patents to reduce Corporation tax

Registered Designs

  • Searching and preliminary advice – to assess prior rights, establish freedom to use the design and assess its registrability.
  • Registration and prosecution of the design – advising on the application process and dealing with objections raised by third parties.
  • Alignment with other rights – considering how the registered design can work with patents and trade marks to create a canopy of IP protection for key product lines.
  • Infringement – strategic and pre-litigation advice including cease and desist letters.