MacKenzie Johnson

Content Writer

Readers want to be able to understand what they’re reading – whether online or in a business setting.

The problem is, the reader (or the user) often isn’t kept in mind. Instead, dense and difficult content is published daily and is sometimes hard to avoid if you are browsing the web or reading a business report.

Readers want the facts and they want them quickly. If, in that process, they find themselves entertained – all the better.

I’m proud to be trying to merge the worlds of business writing with readable and engaging content. There IS a way to write about complicated subjects, especially in business and technical fields, without making it hard for readers to understand.

I wrote and researched for years for academics and business. Both fields seem to actively encourage bad writing habits:

  • Complicated jargon;

  • Stuffy language; and,

  • Over-complicated and repetitive descriptions.

I know there is a better way. I’m a reader too, after all. I expect more, and I think others do too.

I think the best way to write is to be sincere and to never try to sound smarter than you are. The main goal in writing should always be to communicate brilliantly, not to show off.

When I’m not writing full-time, I like to get physical with home renovations and landscaping. Working with my hands is a good distraction as long as it doesn’t involve a computer keyboard.

When my back hurts and my muscles are sore, I switch back to the softer side of life, that is, reading books and playing music.