Magnetic Hand Tool Integration – Construction [Case Study]

The development and patent application of concealed magnet applications and intellectual property protection for various tools used in construction.

Innovolo carried out a full feasibility and ideation on the use of ferromagnetic materials embedded into various forms of hand tool used in the construction industry.

IF Innovolation Framework - Systematised Creativity Methodology for New Product Development, by InnovoloINNOVOLATION MODULES USED



  • United Kingdom

There are a variety of magnetic hand tools on the market, including magnetic sheet handles which allow safe and efficient light or heavy handling of sheet metal and hard-to-handle metal parts, and are ideal for separating oiled sheets, pulling sheets from racks, and positioning sheets for welding.

Pocket-sized magnetic pickup tools are scientifically designed for handy, fast, efficient pickup of small parts, and often get their holding power from high-energy neodymium magnets.  These are great for retrieving ferrous metal objects in dip tanks, plating tanks, heat bake ovens, or oil reservoirs, and is a big time saver in picking up small parts that have fallen into inaccessible places, making them handy for the tool kits of mechanics, machinists, and repairmen.

The ferromagnetic materials used in this particular development were created by heating the material higher than its Curie temperature, allowing it to cool in a magnetic field and hammering it as it cools. This is the most effective method and is similar to the industrial processes used to create permanent magnets.


Innovolo has extensive experience with hand tools and magnetic integration.  Get in touch with us to confidentially discuss your product development today – 0333 0111 771

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