Market Research

Product launches are an expensive business but brands can limit costly mistakes by using a systematic market research process that looks at viability from initial idea to post-launch.

Avoiding Customer Amnesia

Customer Amnesia results in Product Fails

Customer amnesia is very common in companies today. In fact, between 70-90% of new product fail every year. Why is this?   Simple answer: they’ve forgotten how to have routine development conversations with their customers. Companies who suffer from customer amnesia assume that they know what customers need. The finished product (based on those assumptions) …

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Market Research Assumptions – A Paradox?

Dare to assume during market research – a ridiculously risky thing to do! You would maybe remember when Coca Cola brought out the ‘New Coke’ which was sweeter like Pepsi… They spent over $4 million developing the new product based on extensive market research using over 200,000 volunteers to blind taste the product. Even though …

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