New Dredging Innovation Launched by Royal IHC – the IHC Otter

Dutch dredging machinery manufacturer Royal IHC has just announced that they are extending their dredging product family with new compact dredger, the IHC Otter.

The IHC Otter is a range of compact dredgers as platform for deploying the well-known IHC TT-Pump, which provide customers with a compact, cost-effective solution to dredge slurry for smaller dredging projects.  The IHC Otter is mainly used to dredge silt, medium sand and gravel. It combines the advantages of the IHC TT-Pump unit into a single dredging solution.


The design is based on the principles of production maximisation and reliability, and its cost effective design reduces the need for specialised maintenance personnel.

The IHC Otter is a modular deployment system for our range of IHC TT-pumps and comes in two versions. The first version is used for vertical deployment where the IHC TT-Pump is fitted with a sand suction head and is suspended from an A-frame and lowered under gravity to the dredge surface. The standard pontoon system can handle the TT15, 20 and 24 pumps and by adding two additional pontoons to the front, the system can also deploy the bigger TT30 and TT35.

The second type utilizes a ladder to deploy the IHC TT-Pump fitted with a cutter head and can be used in combination with the TT20 and TT24 pumps.

Royal IHC Dredging Innovation the IHC Otter



Royal IHC Dredging Innovation the IHC OtterAPPLICATIONS

  • construction or heavy mineral sand mining
  • alluvial gold or diamond mining
  • oil sands mining
  • environmental dredging
  • inland waterways maintenance dredging
  • reservoir dredging or power plant maintenance
  • tailings.

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