Product Training

Imagine a product thoughtfully designed and developed that fails at improving results because of poor training.

Innovolo goes the extra mile to enable you to deploy your solution to the right audiences, in the right format, at the right time—in train-the-trainer for live training, or in desktop, mobile, or tablet-based eLearning.

Great training can mean:

• Increased productivity and performance
• Better employee retention
• Higher customer satisfaction
Improved sales

But quality training requires careful development to meet your audience’s needs and make it stick. In fact, 1 hour of training can take anywhere, from 34 hours for instructor-led training to 220 hours for eLearning to create.

Innovolo can help. We understand your audience’s communication and learning needs, and how to rapidly work with subject matter experts to capture and convey the knowledge they’ll need in a way that’s easy for them to master and retain.