Industrial design starts with dreams.

Dreams often put people in motion.

They motivate us towards change, growth and new solutions.

Many successful products, services, and initiatives were conceived with a dream.

But the journey from dream towards reality is not always easy.

The key is to catch that dream. Bring it back to the ground to realise tangible results.

We're on a mission to help people realise their industrial design dreams.

We catch and convert dreams in many areas including construction, heavy industry, oil & gas, and retail.

end-to-end new industrial design

Industrial Design Strategy

Design your point of view and make it happen by co-creating an actionable strategic plan with your team.


Disrupt your industry with multiparty innovation, creating innovative offerings that exceed the sum of parts.


Ideate, build and validate product designs with our acceleration programs to stay ahead of the competition.


Finance or grant funding?  Or maybe leverage HMRC’s generous R&D Tax Relief Credit.  Either way, we have you covered.

Industrial Design Project Management

If you require technical support to deliver your new product project from start to finish, then please give us a call. We have managed a range of projects from small local projects through to large international projects. (Check out our case studies).

We can offer you a full project management solution for your new product design, or manage a segment within a larger project and work as part of a ‘delivery team.’  This is the beauty of the Innovolation Framework, a proprietary NPD methodology pioneered by Innovolo.

Linked to our business services we can support or manage your R&D and design requirements as a resource available as if it were a department within your own business. At Innovolo we believe in working as part of your team to ensure we understand your business culture and build a relationship based on delivery and trust.

Consultancy Support

As a new product development consultants, we work with you to review and deliver efficiencies within your business. On many occasions, this could be with the support of a support grant or tax rebate.

The support we can offer could be to:

  • Improve manufacturing processes by the redevelopment and optimisation of a current component or product.
  • Reverse engineer your legacy equipment and model it in CAD. This could support a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) process to ensure you have manufacturing drawings available to allow replacement parts to be manufactured quickly, so reducing the downtime of your plant.
  • Update all of your current drawings as 3D CAD models and develop a numbering system that would create greater efficiencies.
  • Provide R&D services to develop a new product line or optimise the current products to maximise efficiencies, whether through material review, manufacture process or machining efficiencies.
  • Keep clients informed about opportunities arising from new technical developments which they may not even know exist and which could deliver huge benefits to their business operation.

Dedicated Design Support

Having a full time R&D and Industrial Design team can be a very expensive luxury, especially when not part of your core business.

Innovolo work under monthly retainer payments to give you the engineering, technical and design support you need.

We work with our clients as an integrated design team to deliver dedicated and innovative design services which meet our client’s requirements.

If you require, we will act and communicate under your company name and will represent you as a ‘team member’ at technical meetings. This approach adds a valued additional design support service you and can work as an additional service to complement your core business by offering design services for your clients.