New Product Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Whether it’s access to a highly skilled product development and design team, or utilising our proprietary Innovolation Framework to systematise your creativity, we can scale our technical and management services according to your budget and needs.

You retain control of your dream, we remain responsible.

As our customers you control the future of your new product whilst we remain firmly responsible for creating a product design and strategy that will deliver the ROI your business needs.  We never forget who the customer is and the goals you need to achieve. 

Our colony has a strong background working with large and complex programmes of work. Whether it’s redesigning the blade safety parameters of a reciprocating saw or formulating a corrosion protection system suitable for the harshest environments of the North Sea oil fields, we understand the technical, operational, legal, HR, planning and delivery complexities of these transitional journeys. 

Our skills, your support, shared success.


With the majority of our new product project staff coming from a managed services delivery or infrastructure consulting background, it serves us well to adapting to the delivery needs of our varying clients.

Over the years our colony has served financial services, construction, retail, insurance, oil and gas, automotive and public sectors.

Our design project managers excel with ambiguity, create structure from chaos and provide calm leadership to drive your new product ideas to a successful result.

Projects we love

A busy colony is a happy colony and nothing keeps our project management teams happier than working on large complex programmes of work.

One of our recent love interests has been with industrial machinery. Whether it’s designing new ergonomics, cleaning pipelines, or scaling pylons, our management and technical specialists are on hand to support.


Collaboration key to success

For any techno savvy company, you would expect us to have all the expertise required to maintain, develop and optimise your company’s infrastructure needs.  Our project management teams are supported by first class technical delivery specialists.