Professional Innovation-as-a-Service Package

Professional Innovation-as-a-Service Package

£129.00 ex VAT

What's included?

Project Management

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Monthly Review
  • Weekly Progress Reporting

Innovation Strategy

  • Facilitated New Product Development Scoping Workshop
  • Product Launch Planning
  • Market Research Consultancy
  • Innovation Culture Maturity Assessment
  • NPD Feasibility Study

Mechanical Design

  • 3D Modelling
  • Design for Manufacturability (DfM)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Material Specification
  • Prototyping
  • Specification Development

Electrical Design

  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Hardware Development
  • Sensor Development
  • Lighting Design

Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering (Generic)


  • Conceptual Design

Testing and Certification

  • Compliance Testing1Please note that independent (third-party) test house fees will be charged at cost at the going rate.
  • Design Risk Management

Intellectual Property

  • Prior Art Searches
  • Patent and Registered Design Drafting

Technical Writing

  • Technical Documentation and Manuals

What is not included?

Materials and Expenses

  • Materials that we need to purchase in order to deliver your project will be charged to you at cost plus 35%.
  • Travel is charged at £0.45 per mile, and flights/public transport charged at cost.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses will be charged at cost.


Important Information

All investments, including innovation, New Product Development (NPD), and research and Development (R&D), are highly speculative in nature and involves substantial risk of loss.  We encourage our clients to invest very carefully.  We also encourage client to get advice from their professional financial and/or investment advisor and to make independent investigations before acting on information that we publish or provide.  Much of our information is derived directly from information published by companies or submitted to governmental agencies on which we believe are reliable but are without our independent verification. Therefore, we cannot assure you that the information is accurate or complete.  We do not in any way whatsoever warrant or guarantee the success of any action you take in reliance on our statements or recommendations. 


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