Hot Topic! Robotic Firefighting Systems That Can Assist (Or Even Replace) Firefighters In The Most Hostile Environments.

Robot firefighting systems for the most hostile environments.

Milrem Robotics and InnoVfoam are developing robot firefighting systems to assist or even replace firefighters in the most hostile environments.

The jointly developed firefighting solutions combine Milrem Robotics’ unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) Multiscope Rescue and InnoVfoams various firefighting systems, specifically foam proportioning systems and fire monitors. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Mobile Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, and Drones in Logistics, Warehousing, and Delivery 2020-2040.
The firefighting robots are remotely operated by firefighters who remain at a safe distance while receiving a complete overview of the operation area via various cameras, i.e. thermal and infrared, and sensors onboard the robot that can additionally detect gas or chemical leaks. The fire monitors can be operated independently from the UGV thanks to separate cameras on the UGV and the monitors allowing the vehicle to change position while maintaining a perfect overview of the fire. The system can also be complemented with additional preventive and repressive systems and autonomous functions.
“In addition to fires in urban environments there are large scale forest and landscape fires every year that endanger the environment, the lives of inhabitants and especially firefighters. The systems we are developing with InnoVfoam can alleviate dangers firefighters face and help contain fires faster,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.
The Multiscope Rescue has a maximum payload capacity of 1200 kg and pull force of 21 000 N allowing it to be equipped with a variety of firefighting specific payloads including foam or water tanks, but also tethered drones for better situational awareness.
Robot firefighters can also deliver heavy firehoses to reach areas and enter structures that are inaccessible with bigger vehicles or may collapse on top of firefighters. In case of forest or landscape fires the robot firefighters can be airdropped to start limiting the spread of fires.
InnoVfoams fire monitors can dispense water and foam from 2000 up to 20 000 liters per minute. The first joint product will feature InnoVfoams fire monitor skid unit Hydra on the Multiscope Rescue.
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This is a great invention and a great new product ideas. What is lacking is that we can’t put common sense to machines unlike human beings has.

Well some people don’t have any common sense. But yeah I know what you’re talking about.

Whaoooo, this is pretty cool robot to do all this for us. Problem solution is here already. Thanks for this exposure post.

Robot firefighters deliver Innovation on heavy firehoses to reach areas and enter structures that are inaccessible with bigger vehicles or may collapse on top of firefighters.

These are some of problem solution we need. It is quite a good idea. Like it.

Now this is an Innovation that is greatly or will be appreciated. However, the replace the human part may leave a bad taste on everyone. After all its our jobs. For me though yes it may happen just not the replace part. For one robots for now are not even self aware so they will never be free of human intervention so yes it but at the same time it is not.

What is innovation? This is simply about producing things that will make life easier for work and this is what this robotic firefighter seek to achieve.

This is smart innovation at work. Kudos to the developers.

What a good showcase of what new product development can achieve. Color me impressed!

The product design is very good. These guys are very talented.

What a fantastic problem solution to the challenges faced by firefighters. I hope the technology gets adopted faster.

A lot of work went into the physical product development for this. It’s good all that effort eventually paid off.

This is the kind of idea generation that the world needs. Ideas that actually improve lives.

I am impressed by these scientists’ ability to create ideas. I wonder how they were able to come up with this.

There are so many new product ideas in recent times. This is nothing but awesome news.

The idea commercialisation phase of this project will be easy. It is an easy idea to sell.

Just from reading this article I have learnt how to make money from my idea. I can’t wait to try it out.

With such groundbreaking innovations, it’s no wonder New product development in the UK continues to soar. I am very pleased indeed.

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