Sales Directors:

You clearly understand your customers’ needs.

You have your finger firmly on the pulse of the USPs and benefits your products bring. 

But to increase sales and hit that ever-increasing target you will want all signed off projects to complete as soon as possible, to reinvigorate customers and keep serving them.

You might be frustrated about the length of time it takes to get that new product idea in your hand, extra highly focussed engineering resources can speed up delivery and allow you to bring multiple products to market rapidly.

Some of your best-selling products will, at some point, start to face obsolescence and supply chain problems.  This can cause fulfillment delays or worse stop further ability to supply that product.  

We can help you here by identifying and testing alternate component sources.  Where alternates aren’t available partial redesigns are often possible to keep the product line alive.

Manufactured product cost may be high on your agenda. If you’re losing sales to a lower-priced competitor or the gross margin is lower than you would like then it could be time for a cost reduction or value engineering project. 

Not all products have high enough volumes to justify and recoup the project spend, but on the right product, this can be gold.

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