Meet our Speakers.

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Mark Wardell

President, Wardell International

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Roy Newey

CEO, Growth Partnerships

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Jesse Niemenen

CEO, Viima Oy

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Dave Roby

International Business Coach

  • Escaping the HiPPO
    Being stopped or slowed down by someone’s opinion who’s higher position than you in the company is a common phenomenon that occurs everyday in every company around the world. How do we deal with it? How can we escape from this situation?
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Michael Wallace

CEO, Summit Leadership Team

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Waldo Waldman

The Wingman

  • Innovation Starts with Conversation
    Go out, meet people, talk to them. Be passionate about what you’re doing when you speak about your venture. The best way to learn is to talk to everyone and yourself. Here Waldo presents his lessons from the cockpit of his F-16 fighter jet.
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April Shprintz

Business Accelerator

  • How Generosity Breeds Innovation
    Creative people, and leaders in particular, through their generosity and openness, have the power to foster innovation and source the best ideas and inspiration that can lead to more innovation.
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David Holland

The Business Co-Pilot

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Dom Monkhouse

Scaling Up Business Coach

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Karen McFadden

Director, Catax

  • 11 Innovation Misconceptions and How to Make Serious Money from R&D
    Knowledge and insights to ensure that you’re properly tapping the innovation potential of your company, and positioning yourself to make serious money from R&D investments.
  • Construction and Commercial property Owners: Things You Need to Know
    R&D tax relief, what it is, how to qualify and why you need it. The Government incentives that are available now for construction companies.
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Bob Hayward

Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker

  • The How, What, Why, Where, and When of Idea Commercialisation
    Idea commercialisation is about the process of developing an idea into a commercial product or service. It covers the initial market research, design of the product or service for the market, production, and marketing of the final product. This is not just from scratch but also further development of existing products to new markets.
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Damian White

Director, Clarity Visual Management

  • How To Fix Throughput Like A Boss
    Creating a more productive facility through the effective use of visual information is a concept that has long been an integral part of Lean manufacturing ideology, but it’s never been more relevant than today.
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Stephen Walker

Director, Motivation Matters

  • How to Build a Process for Innovation
    Building your own innovation playground:  inspiring the entrepreneurial mindset in us to build a playground that will help you to strive for success faster and easier.