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How Generosity Breeds Innovation Webinar Recording - How to Embed the Generosity Culture into Your Innovation Strategy

[Webinar Recording] How Generosity Breeds Innovation, with April Shprintz


Euan Pallister
Well hello, and welcome everybody. I’m Euan Pallister, the commercial director here at Innovolo. Today we have with us, firstly, April Shprintz. April has spent over two decades driving growth for companies of every kind started off as a staff sergeant in the Air Force going right through and then into the corporate world, where she specialised in sales, operations and marketing. Her work has generated over $1 billion in combined additional revenue. Today, she teaches entrepreneurs and leaders like yourselves how to accelerate their businesses.

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How Generosity Breeds Innovation Webinar with April Shprintz (Innovolo Product Development and Design)

[Updated] How Generosity Breeds Innovation Webinar with April Shprintz

❓ What if you were magically drawn out of bed every morning because of the place you worked?
❓ What if the company you worked for stepped in on your behalf when you weren’t sure what to do about late mortgage payments?
❓ And what if your place of employment was the kind where people would voluntarily take a pay cut just to help the company through a financially rough time?
❓ And what if……?
❓ What if customers were willing to pay you more for the same product or service that your competitor was offering?

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