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Chemist vs Chemical Engineer: What’s The Difference?

When you hear the word “chemistry” you probably think back to the many hours spent in school trying to memorise the periodic table of elements.

For many of us, that’s the last connection we have to the concept of chemistry, even though there are chemical processes involved in your everyday life.

Just imagine that all the plastics you use in your food and beverage containers were, at one time, designed and tested by chemical specialists. More than that, the petrol you put in your car is the last step in a long line of chemical processes to turn crude oil … Read More »

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Wales Funds Medical Waste to Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Plant

A process being developed by researchers in the UK and India to convert medical waste – such as PPE used during the Covid-19 pandemic – into hydrogen fuel has received £47,000 from the Welsh Government.

The technique will use a photoreactor to simultaneously destroy pathogens as well as break down waste. The research is being led by Swansea University, which had previously developed a photoreactor that can convert waste plastic to hydrogen fuel. The same photoreactor will be used in the new project, although new photocatalysts will be developed. The collaboration also includes epidemiologists at India’s King Institute of Preventive … Read More »

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First batch of aviation biofuel produced by Spanish energy company Repsol
Industry News

First batch of aviation biofuel produced by Spanish energy company Repsol

SPANISH energy company Repsol has produced the national market’s first batch of aviation biofuel. The 7,000 t batch, which was derived from biomass, will prevent 440 t of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Spain’s Integrated National Climate and Energy Plan 2021–2030 acknowledges biofuels as the most widely available and widely used renewable technology in transport. Furthermore, it adds that in sectors such as aviation, such fuel will continue to be the only way to reduce fossil fuel use over the coming years.

The biojet – biomass-derived jet fuel – produced by Repsol has a less than 5% … Read More »

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