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Corporate Culture is Dead! Long Live Innovative Culture

Corporate Culture Is Dead. Long Live Innovative Culture! Here are 5 proven ways to create an environment that will rocket your equity value like nothing else

When you think about “corporate culture” you may think about a drab and stuffy office space where dreams go to die. These are the images often satirized in TV sitcoms and Hollywood comedies.

But when you think about “innovative culture”, your mind probably takes you to wild places: automated offices, futuristic napping pods, and splendidly wacky brainstorming rooms. These are the images popularised by Silicon Valley startups and tech companies from the mid-2000s.

However, these images are just the physical spaces. Real innovation happens at the cultural level of the workplace. Few workers, managers, or leaders realise the challenges and … Read More »

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The World of Corporate Innovation Is Evolving: even if you’re not Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, here we explain what it means for you and your business.

As a business, it can be difficult to make the right decisions. It can be challenging to even identify all the options. If you’re a business owner, you’re distracted by competing priorities. If you’re a corporate board member, you’ve faced issues like bad data and difficult relationships. In either case, pointless meetings are a norm that doesn’t seem to push your business to any new heights.

The reality is that businesses can sometimes be giant, floating leviathans. They’re hard to steer in the right direction due to chaotic priorities and complicated processes. But these symptoms are tell-tale signs that a … Read More »

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Webinar with Mark Wardell of Wardell International and Bradley Pallister of Innovolo Ltd How to Use COVID-19 To Jumpstart Innovation in Your Business

How to Use COVID-19 To Jumpstart Innovation in Your Business

london “I was asked what I thought about the recession. I thought about it, and decided not to take part” Sam Walton Rather than try to pretend that the world we are living in hasn’t changed out of all recognition, successful organisations are using COVID-19 to jumpstart innovation, and as a springboard to launch their companies into a brave new world.

Are you interested in joining them?

If so, then join us on this fast-paced, value-packed webinar where we’ll discuss with business advisory leader Mark Wardell:

The fastest-growing and declining e-commerce categories post-Coronavirus Stuck for inspiration? How to stimulate new… Read More »
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Can Corporate Innovation be improved by Outsourcing?

How Corporate Innovation Programmes Can Be Improved Massively By Outsourcing It In Your Business

The majority of companies would acknowledge the need for staying innovative, and most would also admit the challenge of being so whilst also remaining competitive. Often, being forced to reduce costs, companies will choose to outsource their market research or web design for example. Apart from these cost reduction measures organizations will also outsource skills to access greater expertise and knowledge than they may have in-house. This will increase the speed and flexibility to explore new areas whilst the company focuses on its core competencies.

Many companies would recognize the potential risks with quality control, strategic alignment and company loyalty … Read More »

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