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Idea Commercialisation Webinar with Bob Hayward

[Webinar Recording] The How, What, Why, Where and When of Idea Commercialization with Bob Hayward


Euan Pallister  00:12

Hello, and a huge welcome to all that are joining this event today. And a very special welcome to any newcomers. We trust you all enjoy this event, and we would encourage you to use the chatbox in the Q&A box to express your questions and thoughts throughout the session. I’m Euan Pallister, the commercial director here at Innovolo. Joining me today is our very welcomed guest speaker Mr. Bob Hayward. Bob is a growth consultant and a senior executive coach. Having started seven businesses, he now loves using his experience and skills developed along the … Read More »

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Tips and Tricks

3 Easy Tricks To Ensure New Product Success

In our everyday business at Innovolo, we talk with all sorts of people and hear all kinds of ideas for new products. New product success for our clients is front and centre of everything we do.  Some ideas (okay, lots) are non-starters while others have the potential to do well. Every now and then, we even hear an idea that is destined to be a wildly successful game-changer.

The thing that many entrepreneurs, visionaries, and new product developers fail to realise is that whether your product idea is okay or revolutionary, the principles for how to get there are the … Read More »

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Innovation Misconceptions, and How You Can Make Serious Money from R&D

Innovation Misconceptions, and How You Can Make Serious Money from R&D

Kickstarted by Innovolo Commercial Director, Euan Pallister, the event will dive quickly with innovation ambassador Bradley Pallister into debunking some of the common misconceptions and myths surrounding the world of innovation and product development.

Innovation is all about ideas Epiphany We know history Humans love new ideas The Lone Inventor Good ideas are rare Your boss knows more than you. A great leader never fails at innovation The best ideas wins Problems are less interesting than solutions Innovation is always good

And one of the perks of spending money on Research & Development activity is that you can claim tax … Read More »

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Monetise Your Product Ideas To Gain Financial Freedom

How Your Can Monetise Your Product Ideas Today To Gain A New Level Of Financial Freedom

Many people don’t know that being an inventor can be a lucrative and rewarding career. It can even be a side hustle for those who don’t want to completely back away from their day jobs.

Many people shy away from monetizing their ideas because they get stressed thinking about the risk and the effort involved in developing their ideas. In reality, you don’t have to make it onto Time’s list of the year’s best inventions or create something that will change history forever.

A good product design can be as simple as something that you’re able to sell to other … Read More »

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From the Press

How You Can Get Your Invention To Market Fast

Brilliant ideas strike people all the time. It is said that each day tens of millions of people come up with an idea for an invention but only a small selection of those people take it to the next stage.

Some say, coming up with an invention is the easy part, the hard part is not knowing how to proceed and how to take that invention and bring it to market. It is important when you have an idea for an invention to contact an expert who can help to take that idea and transform it into a protype and … Read More »

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Innovolo - How To Secure Financial Stability For Your Product Idea

How You Can Begin To Secure Financial Stability For Your Product Idea Today

You may have a great idea for a new product but one of the biggest issues you face is securing the financial investment to make your idea a reality.

Taking on product development is a huge undertaking. Between the industrial design, the market studies and the manufacturing process, you may not have the money in-house to see your project through to the end.

Luckily, you can find help for your financial needs. Whether through private investors, self-financing or with the help of government grants and subsidies, there’s a way for you to accomplish your goal.

In this post we want … Read More »

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Innovolo - How Successful Inventors Sell Their Ideas - Product Development - Inventions
Tips and Tricks

How Successful Inventors Like You Can Sell Your Ideas For A Good Return

Dave is a full-time secondary school teacher. Every day he notices that the administrators at his school log dozens of student absences. He often discovers that the absences that he marks down and rings up to the office are not even tracked.

In the break room he hears the secretaries and other teachers complaining about the inefficient way that the school tracks student attendance. He’s shocked to find out that the attendance of the entire school gets manually entered into a document in a word processor! Dave is struck with a big idea after talking to the secretaries about the … Read More »

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