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Escaping the HiPPO. No Trust = No Innovation. Webinar with Dave Roby

Escaping the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person's Opinion) - No Trust, No Innovation. An Innovolo sponsored webinar event with business coach Dave Roby

Here in the heart of sub-Saharan Africa, we find one of the most dangerous mammals on the earth today, the Hippopotamus amphibius.

A very rotund fellow indeed, the Hippo spends most of his time submerged to keep his skin moist and cool. Although hippos can’t actually swim. They simply glide through the water, pushing themselves off other objects.

And while hippos are social beasts, loitering in schools of 10 to 30 of both males and females, they are very aggressive and incredibly dangerous. Sporting large teeth and tusks that are used for fighting off anything considered a threat (including humans), … Read More »

How to Build Value into Your Business Using the Innovation Value Pyramid

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Resources, time, and investment are considered important factors for ensuring the accomplishment of the activities in the working environment. However, the integration of values is also important for driving business growth and success (Ndalamba, 2018). There are many more reasons why building a sellable business is worth the time and effort it takes upfront. After all, a sellable business is also a growing, stable, and profitable business that doesn’t rely on the owner for its daily operations, something every business owner wants, regardless of when they plan on … Read More »