Revolutionary Floating Wind Turbine Platform Tested in Cornwall

A platform designed to aid in the building and launching of floating wind turbines is being researched and tested in Cornwall.

The innovative design has been created by TUGDOCK Ltd, which is based in Falmouth. The company has patented and produced a novel floating solution to lift structures for various uses.

Lucas Lowe-Houghton, director of business development for TUGDOCK, said: “The Floating Offshore Wind sector is growing fast worldwide, with enormous opportunities now emerging in the Celtic Sea and beyond.

“However, very few ports have sufficient water depth and assembly space to enable the commercialisation of these huge turbine floaters. … Read More »

Testing Begins on an Autonomous ‘Mayflower’ Ship ahead of its Atlantic Voyage

Testing Begins on an Autonomous ‘Mayflower’ Ship ahead of its Atlantic Voyage
Humans aren’t the only ones to have had their travel plans ruined by the coronavirus. A robot-powered boat that was due to cross the Atlantic this month has been forced to delay its voyage until next April after the virus caused complications in its development.

Plymouth University in partnership with Plymouth-based autonomous craft specialists MSubs and yacht designer Shuttleworth Design launched a project to design and build the world’s first, fully autonomous, unmanned research ship called Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS), in July 2015.

The autonomous 15-meter trimaran has been built to push the boundaries of autonomous shipping while gathering … Read More »

Innovative Ways We’re Cleaning Up the Ocean and How You Can Help

Innovative Ways We’re Cleaning Up the Ocean and How You Can Help
Over the last few decades, plastic has become an essential part of our everyday lives. From grocery bags to toys and bottles, plastic is one of the most used materials to date. However, this material is, unfortunately, causing a great deal of harm to ocean life too.

A whopping 8 million metric tons of plastic is found in seas and oceans every year, which is bad news for marine species. Plastic became a popular material because of its ease of manufacture and durability, but when this trash is disposed of and finds its way into the ocean, some products and … Read More »

New Dredging Innovation Launched by Royal IHC – the IHC Otter

Dutch dredging machinery manufacturer Royal IHC has just announced that they are extending their dredging product family with new compact dredger, the IHC Otter.

The IHC Otter is a range of compact dredgers as platform for deploying the well-known IHC TT-Pump, which provide customers with a compact, cost-effective solution to dredge slurry for smaller dredging projects.  The IHC Otter is mainly used to dredge silt, medium sand and gravel. It combines the advantages of the IHC TT-Pump unit into a single dredging solution.


The design is based on the principles of production maximisation and reliability, and its … Read More »

Cornwall Is A Hotbed For Marine And Subsea Tech And Is Leading The World In It

Cornwall is a hotbed of industry and marine tech is one of the areas where the region is a world leader – creating innovative and exciting products.

Whether it is harnessing the power of the sea, creating robot boats, improving fishing or new ways of designing vessels, there are hundreds of companies doing incredible work.

The sector has high growth potential, with Cornwall accounting for around 8 percent of UK marine industry turnover and 1 in 7 of all UK marine jobs, and is seen as a key priority.

Marine-i is a programme designed to help the marine technology sector … Read More »