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7 Innovations You Should Apply To Get You More Bang For Your Marketing Bucks

7 Innovations To Get More Bang For Your Marketing Bucks
This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series Eight Ways to InnovateIf you’re a small business, your marketing budget may be a sliver compared to your other departments. It can be hard enough to keep a business open during tough economic times, let alone feel comfortable pouring cash into marketing campaigns.

In this post, part of our series on 8 Ways To Innovate Your Business, we’re talking about how innovation in the marketing department can help create a buzz for your products or services.

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The 8 Ways You Can Innovate In Your Business Today

How to Make the 8-ball on a Break - Business and Innovation Strategy from the Billiard Room
Different ways to innovate their organisations is something which business leaders talk about a lot but don’t always do much about in practice.

Except for the odd brainstorming meeting, now and again. Even when this happens, the brainstorming may be focused on an issue that needs solving. The input may not be that creative or innovative in real terms.

One of the ways to create more interest and time to be more innovative is thinking about what areas a company may want to apply more innovative thinking. In broad terms this gives a focus to the discussions and helps to … Read More »