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11 Reasons why Prototyping is Important for New Product Development

11 Reasons Why Prototyping Is Important For New Product Development

So you have an idea for a new product for your business – where do you start? The answer depends on your unique business maturity and processes. However, there’s no question that a prototype is a hugely important step in your product’s journey to market.

Prototyping is rewarding to you as the inventor because it gives you a physical manifestation that brings your dream to life. It’s a feeling that no mere napkin sketch can bring.

If you’ve ever wondered what that feeling is like, then this post is for you! In it, we offer you a complete guide to … Read More »

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Innovolo Prototyping your way into Reality

How And Why You Should Be Prototyping Your Way into Making Your Product Ideas A Reality

Every business, organisation and owner is well aware of the struggle of evaluating the business objectives and determining the price that the customer might be able to pay for the product. Most of the businesses assess the cost of product against the product specifications and unique features. The key to developing a high-in-demand product is to understand the crucial role of the product design in the development process. Just as a well-developed product is essential for escalating the sales rates, well-composed product design is all you need to increase customer acquisition.   Developing and introducing multiple lines of the product won’t… Read More »
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5 Reasons why Prototyping is Important for your New Product Development

The Top 5 Reasons Why Prototyping Is Really Important For Your New Product Development

Creating a prototype is one of the most rewarding things you can do in the process of developing a new product.

A prototype will bring your dream to life in a way that your one-dimensional concept sketch just simply cannot do.

But the benefits of a prototype go way higher than the visual satisfaction of an actual sample of your product.  They can promote a new product development process in many ways.

So why is prototyping so important?

Prototypes enable you to test and refine how well your product design functions.

In developing a prototype, you will be able to … Read More »

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