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Ready, Set, Grow with Innovation with Roy Newey

[Webinar Recording] Ready, Set, Grow with Innovation with Roy Newey


Euan: Welcome! And hello to everyone here today.  Most of you would have likely joined for one reason: you want to innovate or have a new product idea, but something is stopping you. That something is highly likely to be fear of the unknown and unknown and understandably so. Today we bring to you ready, set grow a webinar with the renowned speaker and business coach Roy Newey.

There are attendees from Great Britain to Australia and most places in between attending today. In fact, I believe the numbers registered on onto this event are well over 1000 and … Read More »

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Ready, Set, Grow with Innovation with Roy Newey

Ready, Set, Grow with Innovation! Webinar with Roy Newey

Are you are a business owner? Do you want to accelerate the growth of your business?

Are you frustrated at being stuck underneath a glass ceiling? Has your business sales model become tired? Is your unique selling point no longer unique? Do your staff and senior team need some new ideas, greater accountability, focus, and energy to reach stretching targets? Has your market shifted and you find your business offer out of step with customer expectations? Is the leadership team inspired and inspiring? Is your bottom line shrinking or static?

Join us on this fast-paced, value-packed webinar where we’ll discuss… Read More »
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