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Escaping the Dragon - Diversifying Your Supply Chain Out of China

Escaping the Dragon: Diversifying Your Supply Chain Out of China

If you’re an importer looking to reduce your dependence on China as a manufacturing source, you’ve probably already realised that finding alternatives is a lot easier said than done.

From finding competitive manufacturers with the needed expertise and equipment in other countries to dealing with recalcitrant legacy suppliers who don’t want to see your business go – it’s a minefield that even the biggest manufacturers in the world are baulking at.

Luckily, help is at hand. We’ve got a renowned expert in the field of global supply chains to share his expertise and give you the inside edge that will … Read More »

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Why You Should Stop Buying From China - Strategic Supply Chain Risk Management
Product Sourcing and Procurement

Do You Still Think It’s OK to Source All Your Products From China? You Can Think Again, Buddy!

The trade war between the United States (US) and China is as bad as ever. While the US and China play a chess game of levies, tariffs and currency devaluation, the question lingers: is your Chinese supply chain at risk?

The costs and risks to use Chinese products are rising, thanks to the trade war. The long-standing tradition of global product sourcing is shifting – many international businesses are moving their sourcing from countries other than China.

Benefits of sourcing away from China

While the trade war has created lots of risk for you and other businesses to partner with … Read More »

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Product Sourcing and Procurement

The 4 Top Reasons You Should Outsource Your Product Sourcing Now

We’ve seen a certain boom over the last 10 years, sensible organisations of all sizes are admitting the need to outsource procurement.

So why would companies choose to outsource their procurement and their product sourcing?

The overarching reason we’d assume is that the organisation will achieve its overall strategic objectives better through outsourcing. The outsourced service will reduce costs and add direct value – “Bottom Line” benefits.

So how?

Let´s look at some of the main possibilities:

Expertise – Most companies don’t have the internal expertise or focus to source the best deal. Communicating around the globe can be daunting … Read More »

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