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Professor Michael Zaworotko, Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering and Science Foundation of Ireland Research Professor at University of Limerick’s Bernal Institute, has developed the crystalline material after decades of research Pic Sean Curtin Photo.

How this New Innovative Material Could Help Solve Bushfires Like In Australia and The Amazon Rainforest

After the hottest and driest year on record, Australia faced a bushfire crisis in late 2019 that burned approximately 25 million acres of land across the country.

Dozens of people died and millions of animals perished due to the blazes, the extreme drought and the searing temperatures.

Australia’s bushfire tragedy and countless other incidents of drought around the world mean that innovations in water technology are all the more precious and timely.

That’s why recent findings at the University of Limerick, in mid-western Ireland, are showing some promising applications to solving potential global water and bushfire crises.

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Scientists Create A Much Clearer Glass with Permanent, Superhydrophilic Ceramic Coating – Perfect for Your Shower Screen

When it comes to fogged up glassware or windows, the best way to keep a clear view seems to be by wiping the water droplets away constantly or having coatings that prevent the water from sticking to the glass.

However, scientists at A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) have discovered that doing just the opposite – collecting the water to create a uniform, thin, transparent layer – actually helps produce a better, clearer view.

IMRE has invented a new technology, CleanClear, which is a durable and permanent ceramic coating that is transparent and superhydrophilic, which means it attracts … Read More »

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