How You Can Get The Most From An Innovation Programme Consultation For Your Business

How to the Get the Most from a Corporate Innovation Programme
Being innovative is not a skill that’s easily learned. In fact, companies big and small often struggle with encouraging innovation in their workplaces. Does that sound familiar to you? If so, then an innovation programme may be all that lies between your company’s struggles and a future that’s filled with innovation and amazing new product launches. What is an innovation programme? An innovation program is a way for companies to speed up their product development process or improve innovative thinking in the workplace. They work well for companies large and small because they are scalable. The focus is to build… Read More »

6 Quick And Simple Tips for Organising A Successful Workshop With Your Team

New product development - Project
Workshops are becoming a more and more popular forum for brainstorming, planning and learning, whether it’s a new business idea, project or program.

When done well, they are super productive and a great way to get people engaged, maybe in a way they haven’t before. They also can be very fun, however its important to organise them well to save you getting caught out at the last minute. Here’s our 6 simple tips on organising a successful workshop.

1.     Define and communicate the goals

Ahead of the workshop, make sure the project lead and facilitator set out clearly the goals … Read More »