The 10 Post-it Note Trick

A Whiteboard Sticky Notes used in a Ideation Workshop by Innovolo

Take 10 post-it notes, write the word “Invoice” on them and stick them throughout your office.  You can have a million ideas for new products, but they aren’t worth the paper they’re written on (or the head they’re stored in) until you’ve shipped them and actually got paid for them.

5 tips to get paid more: –

  1. Never stop investing in improving your skill set and understanding your client’s needs
  2. Understand that in 24 months from now, you should not be getting paid what you are today; if you improve your skill set it will be easier for you to get paid more.
  3. Learn quickly from all mistakes and do not repeat them
  4. Consistently deliver quality products on-time or over-deliver on your service
  5. Get positive reviews/recommendations and referrals
The more value you GIVE, the more you are eligible to receive!
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