Meet the Dream Team!

We offer a service that covers conceptual design all the way through to putting your idea out into the market. Our highly creative product designers have expertise in many disciplines, with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electronics and product design, giving us the capabilities to tackle most product types.

As a consultancy, we love hearing about fresh and exciting ideas. Whatever stage you may be in the process!  Whether it’s exploring the aesthetics and form of the product, turning your idea into a 3D model, creating a brand identity or performing a detailed analysis in preparation for manufacture, we will develop your idea to its greatest potential.

Our consultancy is built on relationships and reputation among local businesses. As we grow, we want to continue building those relationships with new clients, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident when designing with us.

We can help your idea grow some legs!

Don’t hesitate. Take action.

Test your concept. Find your best idea or the best idea right now. Build it. Test along the way.

Ideas don’t make you money. Ideas don’t inspire your team for long. Ideas don’t get people bonuses. Ideas don’t make you successful.

Ideas that are built and launched as products can. 

Create great products.

Fancy joining us?

Are you the next crucial part of the Innovolo journey?

We’re constantly on the lookout for exceptional, highly motivated individuals with a desire to be challenged and make a difference, within a small growing company.

If you feel you’re the right person for us, we’d love to hear from YOU (not your employment agency!). 

We have clients ranging from local inventors and entrepreneurs to SMEs and academic institutions right up to large, international corporations. 

We are now looking for talented individuals to join our small team and enable us to grow further.  We’re a small company, so you would work closely with clients which makes for an interesting working environment and some interesting challenges.