Elsa Schlaudraff

I keep the projects moving

Growing your business doesn’t have to be so hard.  Successful businesses have gone from little to lots by constantly doing something different.  They embrace change.  

We all know that by doing the same thing we did yesterday we will not be better tomorrow.  We can take your company ideas and make them grow legs by introducing these dreams to our Innovolation Framework – a tried and tested methodical process that ensures things happen.

I manage the projects and am responsible for workloads, resources and programmes.  Our priority is to be approachable for client questions at all times and we strive to ensure that our clients can ‘let go’ of their dream once handed over to us.  They know that this thing will happen and it will be great.

I am an expert at teams!  I grew up, oldest of nine children which was the first team experience – right from day dot so to say.  I stayed in college for as long as it went, the need for an income made me work where I joined a small textile firm and proceeded to help build up their new business moving into hotel supplies.  I had a long break after getting married and building my own team of kids, then moved on to leading a huge team of volunteers in a business funding a group of private schools.  Now I am at Innovolo and love every minute as every project is unique and we are a great team with fun every day.

I love to learn so I end up signing up for courses and exams about anything just for the love of learning – from addiction counselling to retail consumer behaviour – all in my spare time.