Bradley Pallister

Operations Director

I have a few themes that I work with in everything I do:

  • Always have scarily big ideas.
  • The team gets the credit.
  • Get connected. You never know when you might need to call on someone.
  • Share the knowledge. Let everyone get help.
  • Never stop learning.

These themes have been my friends pretty much since I left school. I’m always (often to my detriment) ready for a challenge. I quit my last job because I didn’t feel like I was stretched enough.

I’ve worn a whole load of different hats since I started out in the wonderful world of work. Mostly because of life’s circumstances rather than by design. But as a result, I have a unique ability to lead multi-disciplinary long-term programmes and to navigate some pretty complex challenges alongside my team.

When I’m not at work (which isn’t very often it seems), you’ll find me snowed under with some charity work. Or working alongside students and teaching staff in the OneSchool CAP Programme in my new voluntary role as Career Readiness Campus Lead for Plymouth.

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