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The Innovation Manager Is Also A Project Manager

This entry is part 7 of 12 in the series The Twelve Hats of an Innovation Manager

It is a brand new day and the innovation manager walks to their closet to pick out their next wardrobe. They gaze through the clothes in the closet and have to settle on something that matches the day’s events. Knowing that an important meeting is scheduled on the agenda, centred on the project plan for a new product launch, the innovation manager puts on their Project Manager hat.

That is right – in this post in our series, The Twelve Hats Of An Innovation Manager, we look at the precise knowledge that an innovation manager must possess to be a strong project manager.

Innovation projects can get large and unwieldy, fast. What might start off as a new idea to improve a product in a company’s catalogue can balloon to a full, multi-year revamp of the shiny 2.0 version of that same offering.

Or, an engineer in the R&D department, frustrated by being unable to find the designs to a previous project, might dream up a simple way to revitalise the filing system for the department. However, that enthusiasm might spread to an organisation-wide improvement initiative!

You just never know how big or small an innovation activity can be. Thankfully, we have project managers to keep us organised and on-track, every step of the way. An innovation manager manages the scope and complexity of innovation projects with ease. He or she coordinates the process down to the individual tasks and steps involved with getting the project completed. Employees throughout the organisation are assigned unique roles, too.

In the end, the innovation manager, wearing the project management hat, successfully hands off the completed project to the operational side of the business.

Enlist the help of Innovation-as-a-Service!

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What kind of wardrobe will the innovation manager put on next? Tune in to the next post in our series of The Twelve Hats Of An Innovation Manager to find out! You can also check out our online content to subscribe to all the latest innovation-related content.

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