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Innovolo Ltd Promotes Clive Saltmarsh to Corporate Services Director

ST AUSTELL, CORNWALL (25 February 2021) – Innovolo Ltd, the global Innovation-as-a-Service provider, today announced the promotion of Clive Saltmarsh to Corporate Services Director.  He will have the primary responsibility for spearheading the retained innovation services offered to R&D teams globally.

“Clive has been a key part of our success, and we are thrilled to promote him to this important position that reflects our strategic growth initiatives as a group,” said Robin Pallister, Managing Director of Innovolo.  “We have huge growth plans for the coming few years, and we are confident that Clive will be an important asset to help … Read More »

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Official: RDEC is the Most Effective Innovation Investment Incentive

Official: RDEC is the Most Effective Innovation Investment Incentive

Reports commissioned by HMRC suggest that the research and development expenditure credit (RDEC) scheme is the most effective incentive for encouraging additional investment in R&D.

Three research reports published on 17 November evaluate the economic impact of the RDEC, SME R&D tax relief, and patent box regimes. The reports suggest that all the regimes encourage investment, although the overall impact on the economy of this additional investment is unclear.

According to the reports, the RDEC generates between £2.42 and £2.70 for each £1 cost to the exchequer, while the support for SMEs generates between 75p and £1.28. The patent box … Read More »

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11 Reasons why Prototyping is Important for New Product Development

11 Reasons Why Prototyping Is Important For New Product Development

So you have an idea for a new product for your business – where do you start? The answer depends on your unique business maturity and processes. However, there’s no question that a prototype is a hugely important step in your product’s journey to market.

Prototyping is rewarding to you as the inventor because it gives you a physical manifestation that brings your dream to life. It’s a feeling that no mere napkin sketch can bring.

If you’ve ever wondered what that feeling is like, then this post is for you! In it, we offer you a complete guide to … Read More »

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From a Fag Packet to the Market: 5 Pivotal Questions You Must Ask

5 Fundamental Questions You Must Always Ask When Doing A Product Feasibility Study

Bringing a new product or service to market is the hallmark of an entrepreneur, but how do you take an idea from a fag-packet all the way to the marketplace?   Understanding whether an idea is workable is a joint effort that requires skills such as creativity, engineering, design, and manufacturing. The most important factor is making sure you understand the feasibility of an idea at the earliest opportunity. There are some fundamental questions to ask in such a process:   1. Is there enough demand for a product like yours? Consumer demands and the mechanics of product development are rapidly changing.… Read More »
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Understanding Your Product Development’s Return on Investment

Understanding Your Product Development’s Return on Investment

Product development can be a lucrative investment. However, just because it can be rewarding doesn’t mean it’s not risky. Your return can depend on lots of factors that are beyond your control.

To get a better picture of product development, let’s look at the theory behind why inventions can be lucrative for your chequing account. Then, we’ll look at why governments and the private sector enjoy huge returns by funding inventions.

Last but not least, we’ll look at some examples of truly excellent returns enjoyed by entrepreneurs and inventors.

How to evaluate (and predict) your returns

You can evaluate whether … Read More »

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Monetise Your Product Ideas To Gain Financial Freedom

How Your Can Monetise Your Product Ideas Today To Gain A New Level Of Financial Freedom

Many people don’t know that being an inventor can be a lucrative and rewarding career. It can even be a side hustle for those who don’t want to completely back away from their day jobs.

Many people shy away from monetizing their ideas because they get stressed thinking about the risk and the effort involved in developing their ideas. In reality, you don’t have to make it onto Time’s list of the year’s best inventions or create something that will change history forever.

A good product design can be as simple as something that you’re able to sell to other … Read More »

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Innovolo - How To Secure Financial Stability For Your Product Idea

How You Can Begin To Secure Financial Stability For Your Product Idea Today

You may have a great idea for a new product but one of the biggest issues you face is securing the financial investment to make your idea a reality.

Taking on product development is a huge undertaking. Between the industrial design, the market studies and the manufacturing process, you may not have the money in-house to see your project through to the end.

Luckily, you can find help for your financial needs. Whether through private investors, self-financing or with the help of government grants and subsidies, there’s a way for you to accomplish your goal.

In this post we want … Read More »

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Why You Should Stop Buying From China - Strategic Supply Chain Risk Management

Do You Still Think It’s OK to Source All Your Products From China? You Can Think Again, Buddy!

The trade war between the United States (US) and China is as bad as ever. While the US and China play a chess game of levies, tariffs and currency devaluation, the question lingers: is your Chinese supply chain at risk?

The costs and risks to use Chinese products are rising, thanks to the trade war. The long-standing tradition of global product sourcing is shifting – many international businesses are moving their sourcing from countries other than China.

Benefits of sourcing away from China

While the trade war has created lots of risk for you and other businesses to partner with … Read More »

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Importance of Procurement Management

The Ever-Growing Importance of Systematised Procurement Management In Your Business

There are many companies belonging to various industries that practice smart and intellectual procurement ways as they have become imperative in order to make sure of the efficient operations and an optimal bottom line.

It can be said merely that procurement usually deals with the activities and methods that are involved in gaining the goods and services that are needed from any external parties or corporations.

These goods and services may include many things that can range from the office supplies, furniture, and facilities all the way up to the heavy equipment, test, training, and as well as consulting services.… Read More »

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Innovolo Prototyping your way into Reality

How And Why You Should Be Prototyping Your Way into Making Your Product Ideas A Reality

Every business, organisation and owner is well aware of the struggle of evaluating the business objectives and determining the price that the customer might be able to pay for the product. Most of the businesses assess the cost of product against the product specifications and unique features. The key to developing a high-in-demand product is to understand the crucial role of the product design in the development process. Just as a well-developed product is essential for escalating the sales rates, well-composed product design is all you need to increase customer acquisition.   Developing and introducing multiple lines of the product won’t… Read More »
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How The UK R&D Tax Relief Scheme Works For Startup Companies Like Yours

Startup companies especially those in the technology and sciences niche often have brilliant business proposals in mind.

However, most of them lack enough financial support. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can finance a startup business. One of which is through a research and development tax credit.

A long time ago, only large and well-established companies who contribute significant knowledge to their industry can file and claim research and development tax credit. Nowadays. even small and medium-sized companies can claim this type of tax credit.

It’s provided to companies who develop or improve products, software and/or processes in a … Read More »

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5 Reasons why Prototyping is Important for your New Product Development

The Top 5 Reasons Why Prototyping Is Really Important For Your New Product Development

Creating a prototype is one of the most rewarding things you can do in the process of developing a new product.

A prototype will bring your dream to life in a way that your one-dimensional concept sketch just simply cannot do.

But the benefits of a prototype go way higher than the visual satisfaction of an actual sample of your product.  They can promote a new product development process in many ways.

So why is prototyping so important?

Prototypes enable you to test and refine how well your product design functions.

In developing a prototype, you will be able to … Read More »

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Customer Amnesia results in Product Fails

What Is Meant By Customer Amnesia? And How Can You Avoid It In Your Business?

Customer amnesia is very common in companies today. In fact, between 70-90% of new products fail every year. Why is this?   Simple answer: they’ve forgotten how to have routine development conversations with their customers. Companies who suffer from customer amnesia assume that they know what customers need. The finished product (based on those assumptions) is then shipped as soon as possible.   Companies often rely on technology, but the real success comes from a deep understanding of customer needs and values.   Two critical steps that can help companies to protect against new product failures are: Find out what problems they can… Read More »
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No Trespassing! That's my intellectual property!

The How And Why of Trade Marking The Intellectual Property (IP) For Your Business

Branding is all about building the trust for your products or services among your target customers.  There are already many brands in your target market.  So, creating a unique brand that stands out requires you to have branding ideas that are special. Trademarking your logo will ensure the ultimate security for your brand’s individuality.  Protect against third-party imitation by following this step-by-step guide.


1. What do you want to protect?

Firstly, think about what it is you want to protect.  You can trademark your logo, a combination of words, images, phrases, shapes or corporate colours under protection law.  In … Read More »

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To Do or Not To Do? That Is The Burning Question Facing Businesses Like Yours Right Now

Most of us have a dream product or two and wants to expand it or reach that next level in a clever and powerful way.

Doing that is not going to be easy, but with the right approach we can totally deliver the results and value you always wanted. It all comes down to understanding the scope of your product and how can you make it a reality in a professional manner. And that’s where the New Product Feasibility Study comes into play.

What is the New Product Feasibility Study?

This is a service we created for our customers and … Read More »

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