Vikas Kathuria

Lead Mechanical Design Engineer

I  am active in Research and Development, Product Engineering, Design and Documentation & New Product Development

I identify issues in current processes and promote an economical solution by explaining  to the client in confidence & developing their trust.

I have a Masters in Petroleum Engineering with 15 Years Core Engineering experience in designing Mechanical Hydraulics, Structural Equipment for Automobile, Agricultural and Oil & Gas Industries so i love to explore and learn about new Oil & Gas Industry related equipment.

When i´m not working  I play Chess, Sudoku & love solving puzzles. I  plan vacation with family – we enjoy  exploring different places. 

"I am really inspired since Innovolo Management has shown their valuable interest in the experience and knowledge that I have gained during my previous years. Since my first project with Innovolo, I have got challenging opportunities to work on projects involving different types of products and manufacturing processes. This association with Innovolo has just not motivated me in performing research for those products but also helped me in shaping my confidence towards a brighter vision. I wish to associate with Innovolo Management and Dream Team as long as my experience can be utilized for Innovolo’s Growth."
John Doe